Where Are Property Brothers From And Where do they Live Now?

Property Brothers is a reality TV series that airs on HGTV. The show is presented by twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott. They help families in purchasing their dream homes based on their budget. After the property is acquired, the show also helps in the renovation of their dream homes.

From Where Are The Scott Twins?

Property Brothers, or rather the Scott twin brothers are from Vancouver, British Columbia. Their parents are named Jim and Joanne Scott.

Their father, Jim, originally from Scotland, is an actor, assistant director, and stunt actor. After some time, Jim decided to let go of his career in show business to focus on his family.

The Scott family relocated to a horse breeding farm in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Jim got a job as a youth counselor while his wife Joanne worked as a paralegal in Vancouver.

Early Life

Jonathan and Drew were born on April 28, 1978. The former is older by four minutes. Their parents were not expecting twins, so the birth of Drew came as a surprise.

The twin brothers have an older brother named JD. Growing up, their father encouraged the twins to become entrepreneurs, so they put up a business named JAM.

They made hangers covered in nylon and went door to door selling them. Moreover, the brothers also made money doing minor repairs on barns and fences around their neighborhood.

For their education, Jonathan and Drew went to Thomas Haney Secondary School. The latter was very athletic as a teen, and he played volleyball and basketball.

On the other hand, Jonathan was interested in magic and acting. Both of the twins were trained clowns and magicians as kids. Jonathan pursued a career in acting and landed bit roles on Madison, Breaker High, and Smallville.

The Property Brothers both went to the University of Calgary with the ambition of becoming actors after college. However, they decided that they needed to earn a living while searching for acting jobs.

The twins decided to lease a 7-bedroom house in their first year in college. They renovated the house and rented out five of the bedrooms.

Later on, they assumed the house’s mortgage, flipped it, and then sold it for a profit. That was the start of their career in flipping homes.

Where Do Jonathan And Drew Scott Live Now?

Jonathan and Drew Scott used to share a home in Las Vegas. After some time, they decided to sell the house and transfer to Los Angeles. Around this time in 2018, Drew got married and was in the market for a new home.

He finally decided on purchasing a $2.3 million home in downtown Los Angeles. Their show Property Brothers, aired the renovation of Drew’s house. Jonathan decided that he did not want to live far from his twin, so he decided to buy the property next door.

Jonathan and Drew Scott share a home in Las Vegas

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