Where is Property Brothers Filmed? Scandals & Lawsuit

Property Brothers is a reality TV series by Scott Brothers Entertainment. The twin brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott are the show’s hosts, which airs in more than 150 different countries.

Moreover, it airs on W Network for Canadian television and HGTV for American television. Looking at the background, we found that the Scott brothers are natives of Canada.

About The Show

Property Brothers is mainly about flipping real estate properties based on a specific budget and timeframe. Drew Scott is the expert in scouting for properties based on a budget of the featured family.

On the other hand, Jonathan Scott is a renovation expert and licensed contractor. The Brothers assist various families in finding the perfect home based on their budget.

Afterward, they fix the acquired property based on a specific budget. The renovation is completed within an allotted timeframe, four to seven weeks on average.

Where Is Property Brothers Filmed?

Property Brothers is filmed in various locations across Canada and the United States. The first season of the show, which premiered in 2019, was filmed in Las Vegas. Season Four was filmed in Canada, specifically in the Greater Toronto area.

The reality TV show is currently in its fifth season. The current episodes are filmed in the Los Angeles area. In addition, it is one of the highest-rated shows on HGTV.

Drew Scott tours the show’s featured family on several properties. The houses are often abandoned or old homes that have excellent renovation potential.

The family has to choose which of the properties best fits their needs based on their budget. Drew assists them in purchasing the properties. Jonathan begins the renovation process once the sale is finalized. The family can only see their home in the final reveal.

Property Brothers Scandals

Property Brothers has been accused of being staged several times. A 2017 New York Times article revealed that the show’s producer instructed Jonathan Scott to redo a scene where he yanked the toilet from the floor.

Jonathan still acted surprised after reshooting the scene. Another scandal that involved the show, but not the hosts, was when an individual solicited money from a Colorado couple in 2017. The said person pretended to be a representative of the show.

He solicited money from the couple to be part of the show. The fake representatives of the show have also scammed other individuals.

Property Brothers with stars of flipflop
The “Property Brothers” and stars of “Flip Flop.”


Paul and Mindy King, a couple from Las Vegas, filed a lawsuit against Cineflix, the producer of Property Brothers. They claim that the renovation work done on their property in 2019 was unsatisfactory.

Paul and Mindy are also suing Villa Construction, the company hired by the show. The series shouldered a portion of the renovation cost, but the couple had to shoulder the remaining cost, which amounted to $193,000.

The couple stated that they had given Villa Construction and Cineflix ample time to resolve the issues, but there was no action from the two parties.

On the other hand, Cineflix and Villa Construction have different versions of the story. They claimed that the couple only complained about the issues in their home after a year.

The Nevada State Contractors Board or NSCB provided them with a narrowed-down list of the problems that the King couple found in their home. However, the Kings refused to let them enter the property, so the crew could not implement the repairs.

This led the NSCB to dismiss the case filed by the couple. However, the Kings have decided to take legal action, and the case is pending hearing.

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