25 Best HGTV shows about Home Improvement Ranked according to Popularity.

HGTV is a network that pumps out a variety of Home Improvement Shows every year. Most of these shows are valued for their educational and entertainment value.

Examining the former, you’ll see that these shows can teach you different ways to fix up your home cost-effectively.

If that’s not impressive enough, these shows are also full of handy DIY projects that will inspire you to improve your home.

Today, our focus will be on identifying the best HGTV home improvement shows giving a brief history of their run.

How do we rank the best Home Improvement HGTV Shows?

To determine which shows are the most popular on HGTV, we will examine their IMDB ratings.

This is the most effective way to determine which shows have the highest audience ratings.

IMDB ratings mainly consist of votes cast by users on a particular show or film.

Additionally, reviewers on the site also offer a detailed explanation of why they like a specific show.

If that’s not enough, they also give constructive criticism, detailing what they did not like about the show.

IMDB then uses an algorithm to determine which shows ranks highest.

With that in mind, here’s a list of the best Home Improvement shows on HGTV.

1. Bargain Block

Bargain Block is another real estate show hosted by Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas.

The two mainly operate in the Detroit area, helping several locals revitalize the Michigan community.

There are a few things that make the show stand out.

To begin with, the finished houses displayed at the end of each episode are unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Additionally, the furniture, artwork, and design on display are not just for show. The things come included in the final price prospective buyers will have to contend with.

Keith ensures that each design is unique and different from the next.

Moreover, the houses he and his partner work on are best suited for first-time owners. As such, they are considerably smaller and more affordable.

Since Bargain Block premiered in January 2021, HGTV has released 11 episodes.

What’s even more impressive is that the show has maintained a rating of 8.7/10.

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