Linda Phan Wife of Drew Scott: Height, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio

Linda Phan is a Canadian TV personality and business executive. She is the better half of Canadian reality TV star Drew Scott, of “Property Brothers“.

Linda Phan Wiki, Bio

Despite being educated in architecture and business, Linda’s first paying job was that of a movie theatre barista.

Her fortunes turned when she met her future husband, Drew Scott. Drew is a Canadian reality TV star who made it big on the home renovation reality show “Property Brothers,” on HGTV Canada, alongside his twin brother Jonathan Scott. Furthermore, Drew is also the co-founder of Scott Brothers Entertainment, a global entertainment brand, with John.

Before they ever started dating, Linda began working for Drew at Scott Brothers Entertainment. She currently heads the creative division at SBE as their creative director. Part of her duties is “[to develop] concepts that contribute to the company’s growth across various platforms.”

She is the creative force behind the Producers Ball gala, held annually during the Toronto International Film Festival. Besides that, she is responsible for managing the division accountable for heralding SBE into the digital age.

Canadian TV personality Linda Phan
Canadian TV personality and business executive, Linda Phan

A self-professed “workaholic,” Linda oversees several departments and is responsible for various creative outputs like digital content, merchandise and product lines, marketing and advertisement campaigns, etc. Furthermore, Linda is also a philanthropist and remains instrumental in SBE’s various charity drives.

In addition to her duties at Scott Brothers Entertainment, Linda has appeared on-screen alongside her husband on several shows. She made recurring appearances on several “Property Brothers” spin-offs, including “Property Brothers at Home” and “Brother vs. Brother.”

Furthermore, Linda and Drew’s week-long wedding was turned into a special, titled “Property Brothers: Linda and Drew Say I Do,” which aired in June 2018. Linda also starred opposite Drew in “Drew and Linda Crafting,” which also aired in 2018. Besides starring in it, Linda also produced all 12 episodes of the show.

Net Worth

According to some online sources, Linda Phan has an estimated net worth of around $2 million. In comparison, Linda’s husband, Drew, has a net worth of a whopping $100 million.

The 36-year-old makes most of her wealth as the creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment, a digital entertainment brand founded and owned by her husband, Drew, and his twin brother, John.

Besides that, Linda has also appeared in front of the camera on several shows produced by SBE, including “Property Brothers at Home” and “Brother vs. Brother.” Furthermore, she co-starred alongside Drew in the reality show “Drew and Linda Crafting.” She also produced shows like “Toddler vs. Toddler” and “Makeover Manor.”

Furthermore, as Drew Scott’s wife, Linda is also the primary beneficiary of his hundred-million-dollar wealth.

Linda Phan is Married to her husband, Drew Scott. Their Kids

Linda Phan has been married for over three years to Canadian reality star Drew Scott. She met Drew for the first time at the 2010 Toronto Fashion Week. Their friendship soon blossomed and Drew appointed Linda for a position at his entertainment firm. Drew and Linda’s friendship soon turned romantic, working in close proximity to one another.

Linda Phan with her Canadian reality star husband
Linda Phan with her Canadian reality star husband Drew Scott

Subsequently, Drew proposed to Linda in December 2016. They wed after 17 months, on May 12, 2018. Their wedding was a lavish affair that took place at the upscale La Piazza del Borgo in Italy. A televised version of their wedding aired as a special on TLC in June, titled “Property Brothers: Linda and Drew Say I Do.”

Linda and Drew do not have any children as of yet. Linda Phan is pregnant and due to deliver in mid-2022.

Age, Birthdate, and Height

Linda Phan was born in Canada on April 22, 1985. At the time of this writing, Linda is 36 years old, seven years younger than her 43-year-old husband. She is officially billed at 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 meters). On the other hand, her husband is well above 6 feet 4 inches.

Linda is the fourth child out of five and the youngest daughter born to parents of Chinese descent. She grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with her husband.

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