Are Property Brothers Identical Twins? Other Siblings and Family

Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott are the famous hosts on HGTV. The two look very much alike, raising the speculation of whether they are identical twins or just similar-looking brothers. One has to look really close to tell apart one brother from the other.

Are The Property Brothers Identical Twins?

The hosts of Property Brothers look like two peas in a pod. New fans of the show will find it hard to tell them apart at first. Jonathan and Drew have very similar physical features because they are identical twins.

The Scott twins were born on the 28th of April in 1978. Their birthplace is Vancouver, Canada. Amazingly, they are born only four minutes apart. Jonathan came first, and Drew followed four minutes later.

Their mother had no idea that she was expecting twins. After Jonathan came out, they thought that was it. It was a massive surprise for everyone present when Drew popped out four minutes later.


The parents of Jonathan and Drew are named Jim and Joanne. Jim is a native of Scotland, but he relocated to Canada to pursue his dream of being a cowboy.

He worked for several years in the show business industry as an assistant director, actor, and stunt actor. After several years, Jim decided to leave show business for good.

He relocated his family to a horse breeding farm in Maple Bridge. Joanne Scott, the mother of the Property Brothers, worked as a paralegal in Vancouver.

Jonathan and Drew with their family
Property Brother’s show host, Jonathan and Drew with their family

Other Sibling

Jonathan and Drew have an older brother named JD or James Daniel Scott. He was born on the 27th of May in 1976. JD entered the world of show business even before his younger twin siblings.

The other Scott sibling has worked as an actor, director, and writer. JD appears on the behind-the-scenes television show Brother vs. Brother. He also stars in the show Property Brothers At Home.

In addition, JD is also a co-founder of Scott Brothers Entertainment, together with Jonathan and Drew. His other show is All American Amusement Parks, where he goes on extreme rides with some fans.

The older brother of the Scott twins is also the host of the radio show entitled Off Topic With The Scott Brothers which airs on the Corus Radio Network.

JD Scott is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He and his brothers are all global ambassadors for the charity World Vision.

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