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James Daniel, JD for short, is a Canadian-born tv personality. JD is quite famous for his appearances in Property Brothers, an HGTV show. Even before he worked with his brothers in the show, JD was an active writer, director, producer, and stuntman.

Further, he worked as a celebrity impersonator. Due to his involvement in long lists of films and shows, he is a top-notch influencer. My Vegas Magazine also featured the TV star in Top 100 Men of Success.

This article discusses Scott’s Illness and sheds more light on his Net Worth, Wife, and Wikipedia.

JD Scott has been married to his wife Annalee Belle since 2019

JD Scott has a lovely wife, Annalee Belle, who loves modeling and works as a makeup artist for the Property Brothers. She is originally from Amarillo, TX.

THEY WERE IN A LIVELY RELATIONSHIP before JD and Annalee’s marriage on October 31, 2019. Scott liked his girlfriend so much that they ended up engaging. She was born on September 7, 1988.

JD scott with his wife, Annalee Belle
JD Scott and his wife, Annalee Belle

Net worth

JD Scott has amassed a large wealth, and he has an estimated net worth of over $12 million as of 2021. He’s a successful director, tv personality, host of shows, and actor.

Also, the Global Ambassador for the World vision on the mission to end poverty, JD has become an important person to look up to. His history of hard work and determination justifies the immense wealth he has earned.

JD Scott illness

JD Scott’s life-threatening condition has been diagnosed to have been caused by GI Infection, fluoroquinolone toxicity, and mercury poisoning. However, the doctors are not sure yet.


James Daniel Scott in 1976. The Canadian-born actor grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, with his two brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott.

Furthermore, he celebrates his birthday on May 27 every year. Drew and Jonathan are twins, and they are two years younger than JD. Together they hosted a show called Property Brothers and gained a lot of recognition.

His parents are Jim and Joanne Scott. Before JD’s birth, Joanne worked as a paralegal in the downtown area and later emigrated from Scotland.

Jd Scott with his twins brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott
Jd Scott with his twin brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott

JD is quite proud of his Scottish origins. His wife used to work as a makeup artist, and being a model, she looks beautiful. They usually celebrate their anniversary on Facebook.

Wiki Bio

JD has directed several shows like The Oracle or the Makeover Manor. He worked as an entertainer before his brothers became famous, and at that time, he did celebrity impersonations of legends like David Bowie and Adam Lambert.

After his brothers got into the industry, JD founded Scott Brothers Entertainment company with his brothers.

As a result, Brother vs. Brother and Property Brothers started. Being a long-time director of shows, JD also manages Behind the Scenes moments from the show, which is published on HGTV as well.

Aside from HGTV, JD has worked for the All-American Amusement Parks, a project by the Great American Country cable network.

In this show, JD shares some rides with his followers in a theme park situation. He also used to work on the radio on ‘Off Topic with the Scott Brothers.’

JD’s work-life-related resume is filled with interesting moments. Being the oldest of the Scott Brothers, he gets quite a lot more attention than the rest of his brothers.

In 2014, he was included in the Top 100 Men of Success list published by My Vegas Magazine. Maybe that’s why he bought a private residence in Las Vegas. His two brothers were awarded as well. He is a philanthropist as well.

JD even inspired his brothers for the same, and currently, the Scott Brothers are all global ambassadors of the World Vision organization. This nonprofit agency is helping low-income families and providing justice to those in need.

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