Rev Run Ex-wife Valerie Vaughn Net Worth, Kids, Wiki Biography.

Popular among the fans under the alias Rev Run, Joseph Ward Simmons is an American rapper from Run DMC. Aside from being a DJ, Rev is also a producer, TV personality, and a minister for a church. Rev Run previously shared a marital relationship with his former wife, Valerie Vaughn. The couple separated following the cheating accusations on the minister. In this article, we will share interesting facts on the ex-wife of Rev Run, Valerie Vaughn.

Rev Run and ex-wife Valerie Vaughn relationship

Rev and Valerie’s relationship started in 1983 when they exchanged wedding vows. However, in 1991, news came out that Rev cheated Valerie by getting physical with another woman.

Rev admitted the claims, and he also shared his romantic relationship with this lady. It was on mutual consent, so nobody filed r*pe charges. However, it cost Rev his marriage.

They filed for and agreed to divorce in 1992. The divorce of Rev and Valerie garnered a lot of attention, and the public heavily criticized Rev for the cause.

Valerie Vaughn kids

Valerie has three children with Joseph Simmons. The first child, Vanessa, was born on August 5, 1983. On September 18, 1987, their second child Angela was born.

They welcomed their child on September 29, 1989. Furthermore, the third child is JoJo. Valerie Vaughn was the first wife of Rev Ron. They rang wedding bells in 1983.

After having three kids together, they filed for divorce. On June 25, 1994, he got into another relationship with Justine Simmons, and they had three kids together. In total, Rev Run has six total children.

Valerie Vaughn with her Ex-husband, Rev and children
Valerie Vaughn with her Ex-husband, Rev, and children

Valerie Vaughn’s net worth

Valerie Vaughn is the ex-wife of Joseph Simmons. After her days in Andrew Jackson High School of Queens, she graduated from Queens College.

Even though there have been some speculations, her net worth isn’t accurate. Joseph’s large net worth made Valerie quite rich after their divorce.

As per the Celebrity Net Worth, Angela has an estimated net worth of $7.5 million, while Vanessa and JoJo have a net worth of eight and two million dollars, respectively.

Rev Run Wiki

Rev Run was born on November 14, 1964. He grew up in New York City, along with his brothers Danny and Russell. Run had a lively childhood. Further, his passion for music and hip hop inspired him to start his Run-DMC group. It also motivates people and guides them to step onto the stage.

During the early stages of his life, Run was the lead vocalist for the group named “The Force.” Even after forming a new group with his friends, Darryl Matthews McDaniels and Jason William Mizell, he continued performing as the lead vocalist. Joseph Simons wasn’t always ‘Rev Run.’

Joseph was ordained into the position of a Pentecostal minister, and he took over his new duties. It was the equivalent of new birth, so he decided to take a new name as well.

Rev run is short for Reverend Run. His spiritual mentor is Elijah Bernard Jordan, who is the one to ordain Run into the minister position. It is said that just after he is appointed the minister, Run gifted Jordan a new Phantom costing 325,000 dollars. The mentor-student relationship is majestic as always.

Valerie Vaughn is primarily known for her previous relationship with the producer Rev Run. She was born on May 17 and married Rev in 1983. However, Rev cheated her, which led to their divorce. Valerie has three children with her ex-husband. And after the divorce, she has moved on to a new relationship.

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