Cortney Novogratz Children, Husband, Net Worth, Wikipedia Biography.

The LA-based interior and product designer Cortney Novogratz hosts the reality TV show ‘Home by Novogratz.‘ She hosts the show alongside her life partner Robert. Cortney is also the co-owner of the designer company in New York City, ‘Novogratz.’ Currently, the star has left her home in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles she bought back in 2014 and moved back to Los Angeles.

Furthermore, Cortney is an author, actress, home renovator, TV host, and mother of seven children. We look into Cortney Novogratz’s biography, husband, children, and net worth in the topics below.

Husband Robert Novogratz

Robert was born in Alexandria on February 11, 1963, and studied at a public high school. From a tender age, he was a sportsperson and sports enthusiast. Robert’s father, Robert Novogratz Sr., is a retired US Army Colonel, while there is no detailed info of his mother. However, Robert’s parents were in antiques and the designing business, which inspired Robert to make a career out of it.

Robert first started his career by renovating the old abandoned houses in Manhattan. Later, he, alongside his wife Cortney, founded their own design company and has helped thousands of clients convert their old houses into modern luxurious ones. Moreover, Robert is the co-star and co-host of TV shows ‘Home by Novogratz,’ and ‘9 by design.’

Cortney Novogratz Wikipedia Biography

In Georgia, the USA, the multi-ethnic American TV celebrity Cortney took birth in September 8, 1971. The star chooses not to give out her parent’s details. However, she shared her siblings’ details. Cortney grew up as the youngest of her parent’s five children. Her siblings include her only brother Roger and three sisters, Viki, Nicole, and Brandi. Unfortunately, Nicole died in a car accident in her college days.

Image of Interior designer Cortney Novogratz
Multi-ethnic American TV celebrity and Interior designer, Cortney Novogratz

Moving on to education, Cortney attended Hardaway High School in Georgia and later graduated from Lynn University. Married to Robert June 8, 1997, she has 7 children. Both Cortney and Robert shared similar interests in building, designing, and acting. She met Robert during her art classes while in North Carolina and eventually started dating.

Today, Cortney and her husband Robert design and renovate the run-down funky houses into fabulous properties. The couple together owns several designing companies and hosts reality shows on popular American channel HGTV. The creative and talented TV star Cortney has entered into 24th year of married life with her work and life partner Robert Novogratz. Cortney Novogratz Wikipedia page does not exist.


Apart from managing business and hosting shows, Cortney also performs a duty of a mother taking care of her seven children. She is the mother of her five sons, Wolfgang, Breaker, Holleder, Five, Major, and two twin daughters, Bellamy Novogratz and Tullulah Novogratz.

Cortney Novogratz with her husband and seven kids
Interior designer and TV personality, Cortney Novogratz with her husband and seven kids

Moreover, her eldest son Wolfgang Novogratz has already gained fame as an actor and model. He is known for his roles in movies like ‘Sierra Burgess is a Loser,’ ‘The last summer,’ ‘the half of it,’ and ‘Feel the Beat.’ With a great personality and charming face, Wolfgang has earned over 400k followers on his Instagram account @wolfgangnovogratz.

Net Worth

Cortney has succeeded in almost anything she has worked for. She is a successful mother, wife, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and TV personality. All these successes have helped her accumulate a healthy sum of money. Thus as of 2021, Cortney and her husband Robert are collectively worth $4 million.

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