Ben and Erin Napier Are Doing A Movie. Release Date, Story Plot.

The Hometown Couple, Ben and Erin Napier, are reportedly set to appear in an HGTV holiday film called “A Christmas Open House.” Given the popularity of “Candy Coated Christmas” from the previous year, Discovery+ has four films planned for this year, one of which stars Ben and Erin.

Erin announced the news on her Instagram page, to which fans responded with joyful comments. It will be a delight to watch Ben and Erin, a terrific team on and off-screen, together in the next holiday-themed film.

Name of Erin and Ben Napier’s Movie

With two holiday movies featuring their favorite Napier, HGTV has enhanced the Christmas cheer this season.

In HGTV’s A Christmas Open House, which premieres on Discovery+, Erin and Ben will make an appearance. The duo decided to explore acting after Hometown’s tremendous popularity.

The couple has been updating their Instagram with posts about how thrilled they are to be in the film. “Check out the stars of the movie I got to be in,” Ben captioned a photo he shared from the set.

Image of Erin Napier and Ben Napier

He continued that he is extremely glad and grateful for the outcome as the crew and all the stars put in a great effort,” tagging the other stars Erin and Katie Steve.

When producer Lindsey Weidhorn came upon the small-town using Erin’s hashtag #ILiveInLaurel, the college sweethearts came to attention.

The pair were doubtful when the producer had the idea to base the program on Laurel, and three seasons later, they still can’t believe their great fortune.

The Laurel couple has gone a long way from that to now, appearing in a Discovery+ film.

Release Date of Ben and Erin Napier’s Movie 

A Christmas Open House, a film starring Ben and Erin, will premiere on Discovery+ on Friday, November 11.

This holiday season, Discovery+ will offer four movies—two from HGTV and two from Food Networks.

The Food Network will release A Gingerbread Christmas and One Delicious Christmas on November 11, 2022. A Christmas Open House and Designing Christmas by HGTV are debuting simultaneously on Discovery+.

The plot of the Movie A Christmas Open House

A Christmas Open House is a holiday-themed film, as its name suggests. Melissa Norwood is an Atlanta-based property stager who teams up with her old high school crush David Phelps, played by Victor Rasuk.

As the two attempts to repair the home and sell it before Christmas Eve, the plot develops.

In the course of this, Melissa contacts Henry and Sarah, played by Ben and Erin, a married couple.

We can claim that Erin and Ben are portraying their real-life personalities in the movie since Henry is an expert woodworker and Sarah is an artist and designer.

Due to Melissa’s profession being based in Atlanta, the two face challenges as they fall in love. We must wait until November 11 to see Melissa and David’s sweet Christmas romance come to a conclusion.

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