Dina Manzo Net Worth, Age. Husband, Daughter, Siblings

Dina Manzo is a TV personality who runs a popular HGTV show Dina’s Party. She was also featured in three seasons of another TV show- The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Keeping up with her television schedules, Dina also has a good knowledge of finances. This article is about Dina Manzo’s net worth. Meet her husband David Scott Cantin and their kids.

The TV personality has gained a lot of fame throughout her career. The Real Housewives is about the lives of women residing in the New Jersey area, and it has reached eleven seasons so far.

She also has her show where the team organizes events and parties for the wealthy few. Her marriage-related aspects have got some controversial discussion, even on the news.

With Dina’s increasing fame and popularity, her fans have grown eager to learn about her personal and married life.

Dina Manzo on HGTV

Dina Manzo is well-known for her appearances in the “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” reality show. Let’s share some light on how it all started for her. Dina was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Her tv career officially started back in 2007. At that time, she and her husband Tommy got a role in the show My Fabulous Wedding. Along with this show, she also started working in My Big Fabulous Wedding. However, this was only the pilot episode.

Image of Entrepreneur Dina Manzo
American TV personality and entrepreneur Dina Manzo

At this point, she was well versed in acting and very comfortable with roleplaying as well. So, she thought of doing something different.

She launched her design firm in 2005 under the name Design Affair. Later in 2009, she got back to her tv career and started working on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. This was the show that Dina needed, and this made her famous.

On HGTV, Dina hosted her show by the name “Dina’s Party.” It has two seasons and started airing in 2011. Dina played her role in The Real Housewives as a regular in seasons one and two of the show.

However, she left the show for some time and returned for the sixth season. However, Dina couldn’t stay for long. In 2015, she moved to California. She hasn’t been active in digital media since then.

Later, the HGTV star started working for Project Ladybug. This Project aims to help children facing cancer and helps their parents are well. Along with this, the tv personality has started making her skincare products since 2016.

Who is Dina Manzo Husband?

Currently, Dina Manzo is married to her husband, David Scott Cantin. Also known as Dave, he is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, just like Dina.

Moreover, he outlived cancer as well. Dave and Dina were on good terms before the marriage. After a long-term dating that lasted over three years, they finally decided to marry.

However, living together wasn’t the issue as the couple had shared the same home since before their marriage.

In May of 2017, just a month before their marriage, they got their house robbed. Lucking, it did not result in a huge loss of property. They married on June 28, 2017.

Dina Manzo with Husband
American TV personality and entrepreneur, Dina Manzo with Husband David Scott

Dina Manzo Ex-Husband

As you might have heard, Dave is not Dina’s first husband. She was first married to George Hadjiapostoli. Sometime later, the couple invited their daughter Alexia Hadjiapostoli on 25th January 1996.

But their marriage didn’t last very long, and eventually, they ended up divorcing. The reasons for the divorce are confidential, but they were sure that they didn’t want to live together any longer.

On 11th August 2005, Dina married Thomas Manzo. He is referred to as Tommy. The couple spent a good portion of their life together, but Dina’s marriage ended again like the first marriage. In February of 2016, the couple got their divorce.

One year ago, Tommy was caught up by the FBI during an assault on his ex-wife’s current husband. Tommy hit David, and it was brutal.

The news source states that it was “In exchange for a lavish wedding reception,” conducted in July 2015 at the Brownstone Restaurant. This news of Tommy’s arrest on June 30, 2020, has started gossips all across the internet.

Nina did admit that Tommy cheated multiple times on her. The news sources further claim that Tommy wasn’t on his best behavior even before their marriage. However, we are not sure whether Tommy cheated on Dina before their marriage or not.


Dina has one daughter so far. With her husband, George Hadjiapostoli, she shares her only daughter, Alexia Hadjiapostoli. She was born on January 25th, 1996.

Dina Manzo is also a godmother of Audriana. Audriana is the daughter of Teresa Giudice.

Net worth

Dina currently has an estimated Net Worth of $4.5 million. Her successful career as a tv personality and entrepreneur indeed paid well.

Age and Dob

Dina was born on 7th March 1972. This makes her 49 years old as of 2021. However, due to her plastic surgery and face upliftment-related tweaks, she looks younger for her age.

Nose Job and other plastic surgery

Dina Manzo has been through plastic surgery on her nose and admits having made some tweaks to her face. After Dina posted her new photos to her Instagram account, her fans quickly noticed the changes in her looks.

Siblings and Family

Dina Manzo was born on March 7th, 1972. She is the daughter of Joseph Laurita and Nettie Laurita. Her real name is Claudine J Laurita, but everyone calls her Dina.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she and her family moved to Wayne, New Jersey, when she was about six years old.

Dina grew up with her seven siblings: Caroline Manzo, Chris Laurita, Jaime Laurita, Joseph Laurita, Angela Rooney, Francesca D’Annunzio, and Anthony Laurita. Her parents have a total of eleven offspring, and Dina is the youngest of them all.

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