No Demo Reno Host Jennifer Todryk Age, Net Worth, How to hire her?

Jennifer Todryk is a media personality, a blogger, and a specialist in house remodeling. She has a bachelor’s degree in fashion, so it should be no surprise that her inventiveness while redesigning homes is in style.

Even though Todryk became well-known following her No Reno Demo appearance, the show isn’t her sole source of recognition. She also has a significant amount of followers and is a successful writer.

Keep reading more about Jennifer Todryk’s age, career, marriage, kids, etc.

About The Show No Demo Reno

Image of Jennifer Todryk
Jennifer Todryk is known as a home renovation enthusiast, a TV personality, and a blogger. She is known as a cast member of HGTV show called No Demo Reno and the blogger of The Rambling Redhead

Home restoration specialist and influencer Jen Todryk mixes beautiful design concepts and money-saving strategies for her customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth region without resorting to extensive destruction. Jen said that she wanted to give her customer “a million-dollar surprise” without using a demolition team.

The show already has two seasons. In the first season, nine episodes of home renovation were featured, while the second season also has nine.

Jennifer claims that inflation has increased the very minimum amount she can work with to complete a makeover. The program’s debut season included projects with budgets as cheap as forty thousand dollars. But she stated that it’s simply not achievable now.

Jen is determined to keep doing her current job despite her difficulties with inflation, partly due to her ” boost ” while dealing with customers. She is pleased to be part of her client’s life-changing story.

In the most recent episode, a husband and wife who wanted a place they could begin their lives in just moved into the house she’s owned for ten years. Todryk tackles her most challenging client and project to date: the room of her three-year-old kid.

Jennifer Todryk is one of the favorite HGTV Hosts

Todryk, a social media entrepreneur, designer, and professional in property remodeling, has more than a million avid supporters. Fans can watch the whole first series of No Demo Reno on discovery+ right now as they wait for the new releases to premiere, and they can also access more program material on HGTV’s channels.

The reality show has a rating of 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb with 233 respondents. Some reviews said the host, Jen, was refreshing and fun to watch.

Given that she just recently launched her program, Todryk already has a sizable fan base, almost matching other prominent hosts of home remodeling shows like Chip and Joanna Gaines. Her Instagram account has 1.1 million fans with thousands of shared posts.

How Old is Jennifer Todryk?

Jen was born to her mother, Cathy, and her father, John Marsh. Jennifer Todryk, thirty-four, recently celebrated her birthday on the 22nd of last month.

She looks young and beautiful as ever. Her hosting is fun to watch because of her chicness.

Net Worth

A total wealth estimation for Jennifer puts her at over one to five million dollars. Her career as a home designer and a customer service representative is her source of income.

How to Hire Jennifer Todryk?

By getting in touch with Jennifer Todryk’s representative, anyone may start hiring and booking her. The agency for Jenn Todryk will be able to tell you the costs and availability. Another way to hire Jennifer Todryk is to get in touch with her through her social media accounts.

Husband Mike Todryk and Kids.

Image of Jennifer Todryk with her husband, Mike Todryk
Jennifer Todryk with her husband, Mike Todryk

Jennifer’s spouse Mike is a sales director and a military man. The two fell in love in 2010 while Jennifer was a merchandising manager at Zara.

Jen’s husband was looking for a suit in their store, and their love story began. They met by coincidence and ended up having lunch together in the mall.

A year later, the Todryks had their marriage in Mexico. The Todryk’s ten-year milestone was celebrated last month.

Mike Todryk completed a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is now forty-four years of age. Despite being twelve years apart in age, Jennifer and her partner have managed to make every aspect of their marriage work.

Jen and Mike have three kids; Von, the eldest, was born in 2013, and their two daughters were born in 2015 and 2018. Their lovely daughters are Berkley and Vivienne.

The social media influencer enjoys cuddling adorable dogs. Gary, a lovely golden retriever, is Jen’s dog and has its own Instagram account.

She started a blog after her spouse advised her to do so. She is amusing and intelligent, in his opinion.

Jennifer has authored a book in addition to her well-known blog. She released the amusing parenting book last five years ago.

The Village Coffee in Texas was acquired by Todryks in 2019 and changed its name to Armor Coffee Bar and Workspace. This charming cafe sells beer and wine in addition to various caffeinated drinks and foods.

Many photos are seen on Mike and Jen’s Instagram accounts with their family traveling and spending time. Some activities are going to the beach, watching sports, and having a simple family dinner.

Her Hair. Is it Real?

Although Jenn Todryk has red hair naturally, she occasionally colors it brown to make it seem more fashionable. She named herself “Rambling Redhead” since she was furious with her children at the time.

She believed she had changed into a redhead who always spoke about having kids. Her hilarious blogs about parenting children attracted a lot of attention online.

A half-up top knot is difficult to pull off, but Jen does it beautifully. She usually maintains this cute hairstyle.

Where does she live now?

Image of Jennifer Todryk and her family's current home
Jennifer Todryk and her family’s current home

Her hometown is Burleson, Texas. Jennifer now resides in Dallas with her husband and their three adorable children.

Because Jenn Todryk is a true Texan who believes that “bigger is better,” she announced in September two years ago that she was moving to a new home that would require a lot of work. That might be intimidating to most individuals, but for Jenn, more innovation equals more fun.

Jennifer expressed her wish that she would adore their new home just as much as she did their last one. Maybe the remodeling prevented Jenn from looking backward.

A few photos from the Todryk family may be seen on her Instagram. The house has a warm, welcoming appearance thanks to traditional white and gray furnishings, rustic elements, and natural materials.

As previously said, Todryk’s home is not an exception to the rule that the kitchen is where everything is. The wooden shelves and worn-out counters needed to be replaced when they first moved.

Bits and pieces about the rest of the residence have been released throughout time, and it almost seems like Jenn is giving us two HGTV episodes. Jennifer Todryk is competent both on and off the set.

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