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Tommy Smythe is a professional interior designer and famous television personality. He appears on several shows on HGTV, such as Sarah’s Rental Cottage and Sarah’s Cottage.

Other than that, he is also known for his long-term friendship with his co-host and business partner Sarah Richardson.

Wiki Biography

Tommy Smythe is a native of Toronto City in Ontario, Canada. As a young teen, he worked at a burger joint called Clevelands House. His job flipping burgers taught him the valuable lesson of hard work even at an early age.

Tommy’s best friend, co-host, and business partner also worked at Clevelands House but at a different time. Sarah worked there as a waitress.

After high school, Tommy enrolled at the University of Western Ontario. He took a course in Visual arts. It was at the university when Sarah became friends with Tommy. She was in her first year in college at that time.

Moreover, in 1989, Sarah even worked with Tommy’s sister on a photography project. The two have been friends since then. Tommy finished his degree in Visual Arts in 1993.

After that, Tommy Smythe first wanted to be an architect, but he discovered that he did not have a great relationship with mathematics. And so, he chose a career path in interior design.

As such, he worked together with his best friend, Sarah, under the Sarah Richardson Design Inc. Soon after, Sarah became a television celebrity and took Tommy with her as her partner in television. From then on, the duo went on to work in countless series on HGTV.

Presently, Tommy is the host of Where To I Do, which airs on CTV. On the show, we watch as Smythe guides couples on the best locations for weddings.

Tommy has also established his very own design firm called TOM Design Inc. He established the design consultancy firm together with former cast members of Sarah’s Design Inc. His partners in the firm are Lindsay Mens Craig and Kate Stuart.

Age And Date Of Birth

Tommy Smythe was born on October 22, 1971. Based on this fact, he is 49 years old as of 2021. Tommy does not look like anyone who is nearing his golden years. This is because of his dashing looks and great sense of style.

Tommy Smythe Net Worth

Judging from his lavish career, Tommy Smythe’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million. His income is sourced primarily from his work as a television host and a professional interior designer. Moreover, Smythe has designed homes for some of the most prominent individuals.

Tommy Smythe with his clse friend, Sarah Richardson
Professional interior designer, Tommy Smythe with his close friend, Sarah Richardson

Is Tommy Smythe Gay?

Tommy Smythe has been openly gay since he was a teenager. He is currently in a loving relationship with his boyfriend, Patrick Biller, a renowned home interior photographer.

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