Egypt Sherrod Shares her Scary Postpartum Complication during the birth of her daughter “Harper Skye”

The news of an addition of a young member to the HGTV entertainer Egypt Sherrod’s home has reached everyone’s ears. On Thursday night (2019), she gave birth to Harper Skye, her second daughter in the family. During the pregnancy phase, she shifted to a hospital in Atlanta, the same place where she finally delivered the baby.

However, this was not a normal delivery as an unfortunate series of postpartum complications followed the childbirth.

In this article, we discuss the events that Egypt Sherrod shares about her scary postpartum complication during the birth of her daughter “Harper Skye.”

Postpartum Complications

Childbirth is no easy task. A long wait spanning nine months and the grueling pain that mothers go through generally don’t stop at the point of childbirth either.

In some cases, the health problems can remain, or even new conditions can emerge after childbirth. Postpartum complications refer to the same condition in medical terms.

In Sherrod’s case, the complications were severe to the point she legit passed out following the childbirth. It all started with the choice of delivery method- a cesarean section in her case.

Image of Egypt Sherrod Daughter Harper Skye Jackson

Unlike the natural method, the baby comes out from an incision or a cut made through the mother’s abdomen due to increased risk. Even the WHO puts this procedure into a high-risk category and appropriates the procedure for use only when necessary.

The most common risks include hemorrhage, urological injuries, lesions on the intestine, anesthetic complications, thromboembolisms, and several kinds of infections. In addition, late postsurgical complications can always show up without any early warnings.

The Scary Details

Harper’s birth carried unforeseen circumstances during the postpartum period. The delivery was quick, and Sherrod passed out during most of it.

But what followed after that would be more suitable for a part of a horror scene in a movie. During the pregnancy, her body made reserves of fluids in excess.

The delayed birth due to complications was too long of a time for the body to adjust and the fluids leaked into the other chambers. This resulted in edema, which is swelling of the body.

Subsequently, the fluids traveled into the lungs. The lungs were slowly filling up with fluids, the same activity that happens when someone drowns in water.

It results in suffocation, lung pain, and the resultant fear caused by the body’s flight response. The pressure also caused other internal organs, including the heart, to stretch and stiff to prevent squishing.

It was not about to hold for long, but luckily, the doctors were quick to respond, and it successfully avoided any further damage.

In Sherrod’s Words

At the time of delivery, Egypt Sherrod was not aware of anything. This is because she passed out from the intense pain, complications, and the medications administered to her by the doctors.

Her body was too weak to move, so the doctors had to roll the baby girl. At last, she could see her young daughter before her eyes, which was a moment of relief for the mother.

Happy faces were crowded in the room, including her family members and her husband. She could identify the baby girl’s facial similarities with her previous kids. The newborn was her own, and to which she exclaimed, “I got one.”

Image of Egypt Sherrod with her Family

Her mother, who was also in the room, remarked, “looks just like your infant pictures.” Indeed, Harper Skye, even though just a few hours old, looked like a spitting image of Sherrod.

Quick Facts

Full Name Egypt Sherrod
Place of birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Husband DJ Mike Jackson
Mother Kim Sherrod
Sister Tewan Sherrod
Date of birth 16th November 1976

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