Sarah Baeumler Net Worth, Education, and Wiki Biography.

In designing, Sarah Baeumler has made a big name for herself. Sarah Baeumler, a professional designer, rose to the limelight due to several reasons.

Being a designer, Sarah took her skills to the tv and impressed the viewers. However, as if being gifted with unlimited talent was not enough, Sarah is also fortunate enough to be the wife of a polarizing tv figure.

Sarah Baeumler Wiki.

In an interview, Sarah revealed that her first line of work was as a camp counselor when she was young. Back when Sarah was in Ontario, Canada, she worked as a counselor at Camp Totoredaca.

Sarah also had a love for dancing at one point in her life. At her dance academy, Sarah taught modern theatre, classical ballet, and jazz. Along with dancing, she also opened a small dance academy called Balletomane Performing Arts, situated in Oakville.

However, the beginning of 2009 saw Sarah involving herself in tv shows, with House of Bryan being her first.

This was the first time Sarah got on TV with her husband. This show proved to be the best-rated series that aired on HGTV Canada, leading the series to have three more seasons.

The sequels of this series included House of Bryan: On The Rocks, House of Bryan: The Final Straw, and House of Bryan: In The Sticks. Likewise, Sarah has also performed with Bryan on Home to Win.

Education and Early life

As of 2021, Sarah Baeumler has turned 43 years old after she celebrated her birthday this year with her loved ones. Sarah Baeumler is from Canadian white ethnic background and was born to a family in Canada.

Furthermore, she is an Oakville native born on the outskirts of Ontario in Canada, where she spent the rest of her childhood.

Speaking of her education, Sarah Baeumler’s graduation came from a local independent school in her hometown.

Likewise, for her higher college studies, Sarah went to Appleby College in Oakville, Canada, which was memorable for her but different reasons.

The reason is that she found the love of her life as a fellow student at college.

Sarah Baeumler Net Worth

Throughout her life, Sarah has put up a decent amount of effort with the support of her husband to become what she is today. After building a prominent status as a TV personality in the industry, it’s no wonder she has earned a considerable amount of fortune.

After excelling in professional life with a passion for designing and famous TV show appearances, Sarah has lived her life with her family to the fullest.

Sources are confident about her estimated net worth of around $20 million, thanks to her dance academy and income from TV.

Also, having years of experience decorating rooms and houses, Sarah took her skills to TV and made a decent fortune.

Sarah Baemuler
A TV personality, Sarah Baemuler

Furthermore, Sarah’s net worth includes some of her husband’s income as well. Speaking of Sarah’s husband, he has led successful businesses in Canada and ran a company as a CEO. Not to mention that Sarah’s husband is a fellow TV figure.

Thus, the millionaire couple lives together in their lavish house in Canada, fulfilling their every need.

Parents and Siblings.

Speaking of her family, Sarah keeps those information very private from public media. Thus, no information regarding the TV star’s parents or siblings is not available.

However, Sarah confirmed in an interview that she has an elder sister with whom she grew up in her hometown.

Before getting into designing, young Sarah was into ballets and dancing, which is when her talent in dancing started brewing.

Nonetheless, the TV star agrees with her family’s privacy to be kept hidden from the media. Thus, the only thing we can confirm is that Sarah was brought up in a healthy family of four.

Personal Life:

Sarah is in a marital relationship with Bryan Baeumler for more than 18 years as of 2022.

As to many fans’ curiosity about the ‘Renovation Island’ power couple’s love story, it turns out to be a romantic one.

Sarah Baeumler in a marital relationship with Bryan Baeumler
Sarah Baeumler with her husband, Bryan Baeumler

First Meeting

Although the couple met in high school as fellow attendees of the Appleby college, things didn’t spark between Sarah and Bryan initially.

However, they were still talking together at times as friends. A few years later, in 2001, Sarah and Bryan’s mutual friend brought the two together, which helped progress their relationship further. After that, Sarah started meeting Bryan occasionally until they began dating.

Love Life

Sarah’s journey with Bryan began after their mutual friend tagged them in the same email. However, their first date came late in 2001 when they went to have a classic dinner with a late-night movie.

Sarah recalls her first date with Bryan to be very pleasant and one of the best nights. Furthermore, their date includes watching The Lion King movie along with going to a sushi restaurant.


When it was time for Bryan  Baeumler to pop the question to Sarah, it didn’t go as expected for Bryan. Sarah was meant to visit Bryan’s family after a trip to Nova Scotia.

While on the trip, Bryan had plans to propose to Sarah on a scenic hike on top of an ocean view. However, the weather had plans to ruin his day as the day was extremely foggy.

Therefore, Sarah’s husband had to postpone his proposal plans. Things continued to get even worse for Bryan as the tire flattened on the road back home.

Nonetheless, Bryan did execute his plan on a late night to propose to Sarah finally after a series of unfortunate events.

Soon after engagement in 2004, they held a wedding ceremony on 3rd September the same year at the Graydon Hall Manor in Toronto.

As for their honeymoon, Sarah and Bryan had plans to visit a beach house in Florida but later had to cancel all their goals. Due to a severe hurricane from the coast of Florida, they had to book a last-minute ticket to Vegas.


Sarah Baeumler, from ‘Renovation Island’, is blessed with four children. Their names go by Quintyn, Charlotte, Josephine, and Lincoln. Furthermore, their eldest child Quintyn, who is 17, is attending a local Bahamian boarding school.

Sarah Baeumler with her husband, Bryan and kids
Sarah Baeumler with her husband, Bryan, and kids

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