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Lara Spencer is a TV personality who features on the HGTV show ‘Flea Market Flip.’ She is also the co-anchor of the reputed Good Morning America show on ABC news. Lara is a graduate of Journalism and has been in the media industry for a long time now. Furthermore, she has also produced many TV shows of her own. The TV presenter is also a diver and has competed professionally in the sport.

Today, we have a look at Lara Spencer’s Wikipedia, net worth, age, height, and other information.

Lara Spencer Wikipedia

Lara Spencer was born in New York in 1969. She is the youngest daughter of Richard Von Seelen and Carolyn Von Seelen. The TV personality studied in the GardenCity HS in New York.

In Garden City, she actively participated in sports and was quite good at it. As a result, she received a sports scholarship for her springboard and platform diving.

After High School, Lara studied Broadcast Journalism at Pennsylvania State University. Her athletic abilities earned her the title of ‘All American Athlete,’ and the board ranked her nationally in competitive diving.

Lara’s mother was a creative person who fueled Lara’s passion for design. She had a business in the family garage where she ran the weekend sale.

After college, Lara worked as a CBS affiliate for a year. With a degree in Journalism, Lara showed immense talent and enthusiasm for the industry.

As a result, WABC TV hired her to anchor the 3 am news. She quickly gained public attention and transformed her career as better opportunities came to her. Lara covered the TWA flight 800 crash which impressed many viewers and newsmakers.

After all the popularity in the news industry, Lara began focusing on her passion for designing. To date, she has hosted two amazing series on HGTV.

In her show ‘Everything but the house,’ Lara helps homeowners transform their unused household items into sellable merchandise. She does so by identifying artifacts and increasing the value of otherwise ordinary objects.

Lara Spencer is the host, producer, and founder of the HGTV show ‘Flea Markey Flip.’ The show revolves around the concept of flipping cheap flea market products for huge prices.

Each team in the show takes $500 to make purchases in the flea market. The teams then renovate and sell the items for an increased price.

Lara Spencer Net Worth

In 2022, Lara Spencer has a net worth of above $10 million. According to our reports, she earns a massive salary of $3 million per year thanks to her multiple careers in ABC News and HGTV.

Lara’s primary source of income is her job as a TV presenter in ABC news. Furthermore, she has worked with many other channels and shows in the past. Her occasional talk shows and conferences also add up to this sum.

Moreover, Lara is the executive producer of ‘Flea Market Flip.’ People around the world love the show immensely, which has endowed the TV personality with wealth and fame. Lara also earns a decent royalty from her books.

She published the titles ‘I brake for Yard sales’ and ‘Flea Market Fabulous’ in 2012 and 2014, respectively. Lara is also active on many Social Media platforms. She has 365k followers in her Instagram handle in 2022.

Lara Spencer’s Husband and kids

Currently, Lara shares a marital bond with her husband, Richard McVey. They met in 2017 after two years of Lara’s divorce. Lara’s friends set her up with Richard on a blind date.

Following that meeting, the duo has always been together. Richard is a Tech entrepreneur who founded MarketAxess, a technology finance company. Lara and Richard engaged in 2018. Both have children from their previous marriages.

Moreover, Lara and Richard married in 2018 in Colorado. Richard McVey has a net worth of about $250 million in 2021. Let’s talk about Lara’s first marriage.

Lara Spencer was married to David Heffenreffer in 2000. The duo finalized their divorce in 2015. During their 15 years of marriage, the couple gave birth to two kids.

Their eldest is a boy named Duff Heffenreffer, who was born in 2002. Furthermore, their daughter Katherine Paige Heffenreffer was born in 2004.

Lara Spencer with her current husband
Lara Spencer with her current husband, Richard McVey

Lara Spencer Height & Measurements

HGTV star Lara Spencer has a well-maintained body and looks amazing with a charming personality. The TV presenter stands at 5’10” tall and weighs about 62 kilograms.

Lara Spencer Age

Spencer was born in 1969. She celebrates her birthday on 19 June every year. In 2022, the news anchor turned 52 years old.


Recently, Rachel Ray featured Lara Spencer in her show. There, Lara gave a tour of her luxury house in Connecticut. Lara lives there with Richard and her two children.

In the front of the building, Lara showcases a dog statue. And since last year, the house is also functioning as a news studio.

The couple has selected off-white colors complemented by the dark wood furniture in the living room. Furthermore, we can find many antique pieces all over her house, which she collected from the flea market.

Lara’s dining room also showcases many artifacts. The dining table and chairs are of snow-white color with immaculate designs.

The hanging designer lights transcend the beauty of the place further. Furthermore, Lara is especially proud of her valued Flea Market findings. Finally, her basement showcases a large collection of wines decorated on walls. She was quite excited when she showed this part of her house.


As of 2021, Lara is a proud mother of 3 adorable dogs. They are Riva, Dandy, and Coco. She frequently features her dogs on her Instagram handle. Among them, Riva is the fans’ favorite. Riva is a Golden Retriever that she got as a puppy.


According to our sources, Lara Spencer earns a hefty $3 million every year. She is a news presenter in the ABC news and a TV producer for HGTV.

Furthermore, she is also an author and Social media personality. So, it’s not strange for her to nag that sum every year.


Lara completed her high school at Garden City HS in New York. Furthermore, she pursued a graduate degree in Broadcast Journalism from Pennsylvania State University. After her graduation, she entirely focused on her career and didn’t continue her education further.

Weight Loss

In 2017, Lara changed her diet and workout routine to bring some amazing results to her body. She occasionally flaunts her amazing body on her Instagram. Due to her busy schedule, the TV host had put up some weight in 2017. She felt that she had to come back in shape and plan a weight loss program for herself.

Lara adhered to a strict exercise routine and a healthy diet for some time. Furthermore, she also walked 6000 plus steps every day to improve her metabolism.

As a result, the TV presenter lost 35+ pounds in a few months. With this transformation, she impressed a lot of viewers and fans.

Lara Spencer
A Tv Personality, Lara Spencer


Is Lara Spencer still Married in 2022?

Yes, Lara Spencer is married to Richard McVey in 2021. However, she broke up with her long-time husband, David heffenreffer, in 2015.

Lara Spencer with her Ex-husband
Lara Spencer with her Ex-husband, David Haffenreffer

How old is Lara Spencer?

As of 2021, Lara Spencer is 52 years old. The TV presenter was born in 1969.

How Tall is Lara Spencer?

Lara Spencer stands at 5’10” in height. She is 1.78 m tall.

Where does Lara Spencer Live?

Lara Spencer lives in her luxury home in Connecticut. She shares the home with her husband and two children.

Who is She married to?

Lara Spencer is married to Richard McVey. The couple tied wedding knots in 201 in Colorado.

Is Lara Spencer still on GMA?

Lara Spencer left the GMA in 2018 to prioritize her production firm, Duffcat Media.

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