What Happened between David Bromstad and his partner Jeffrey Glasko?

David Bromstad is a talented home designer, DIY expert, and Tv and social media influencer. Anyone familiar with his designs will know that Disney Cartoons heavily influence David.

His love for the mouse kingdom stems from his childhood, as he’d spend most of his time watching cartoons with his siblings. For a long time, David was involved with a man named Jeffrey Glasko.

After several years together, Jeffrey Glasko and David Bromstad went their separate ways. The latter was propelled into the limelight as soon as David came out as gay. This is what happened between them.

Who is Jeffrey Glasko? His biography.

Jeffrey Glasko is a former law enforcement officer affiliated with the Miami Police Department. He stayed with the force for about 5-years, achieving several accolades.

One notable achievement was that he reduced crime by 50% in his local area. Aside from this, Jeffrey is also credited with improving field results and minimizing risk exposure.

Before he joined the Miami Police, Jeffrey served as an SFO in the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Going back a few years later, Glasko was applying his trade as a SWAT Team Leader at the City of Woonsocket, RI Police Department.

Image of Jeffrey Glasko

After he started dating Bromstad, Jeffrey decided to leave the force. He was given a job at David Bromstad LLC, serving as the company’s project manager.

As the name suggests, this was a company started by his former partner, David. With such a decorated career, we weren’t surprised to find that Jeffrey’s educational background is quite remarkable.

He started at Old Dominion University back in the mid-80s, specializing in Criminal Justice and Police Science. Shortly after graduating, Jeffrey would get a chance to study Criminal Justice and Corrections at Roger Williams University.

How did David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko meet? Their love life.

Jeffrey and David’s first meeting took place in a Firestone Pub based in Orlando, Florida. This was back in 2004 during that year’s Valentine’s Day Celebration.


The Pub in question had decided to organize a mixer for all the single gay men in the area. As fate would have it, Jeffrey Glaskoand David Bromstad would decide to attend the party.

Jeffrey Glasko and David Bromstad hit things off quick, and officially decided to start dating. Interestingly, David would not go public about the relationship, or his sexuality for that matter, until 2013.

At the time, he was attending a Salvation Army Function. He told the crowd that he and Glasko had been dating for the past eight years.

David’s announcement drew mixed reactions, with some people claiming that he had taken the attention away from the Salvation Army.

Why did they split up?

After 10 years of dating and cohabitation, Jeffrey decided to break up with David. Unbeknownst to all their fans and friends, their relationship had been deteriorating for a while now.

David Bromstad with his former boyfriend/partner Jeffrey Glasko

According to Jeffrey, David was a heavy drug and alcohol user who blew most of the money they had saved up together. If that wasn’t bad enough, David also allegedly cheated on him with several other men.

Image of David Bromstad

Not contend with just ending the relationship, Glasko opted to take his former lover to court. Jeffrey argued that his ex-partner left him both financially, and emotionally drained. Unfortunately for him, the judge ruled in David’s favor, citing a lack of sufficient evidence.

What is David Bromstad’s former partner Jeffrey Glasko up to now?

Unsurprisingly, Jeffrey left his position at David Bromstad LLC after breaking up with David. His Linkedin profile reveals that he is currently still in the market for a new job opportunity.

Other than this, Jeffrey has been relatively quiet. He stepped away from the limelight after his public dispute with David Bromstad.

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