What Happened to Nicole Curtis on Rehab Addict? Why Did She Leave?

Nicole Curtis is back with yet another show-Rehab Addict Rescue airing from Jan 28. The Tv star was taking a break for two years and has finally returned to the spotlight. Her fans couldn’t wait any longer.

Nicole is an interior designer and a renovation specialist. In her case, she gets old houses and revives them into a warm, cozy state. Back when she had a cleaning business, the economy wasn’t so great. People were losing houses, which in turn meant not much opportunity for her.

She is looking forward to renovating the entire neighborhood, one home at a time. More than a passion for renovating houses, she helps people in need.

However, some time ago, due to some complications, she had to leave Rehab Addict. Today, we discuss what happened to Nicole Curtis on the show.

Why did Nicole Curtis Leave Rehab Addict?

Rehab Addict is all about repairing and renovating old homes. This TV series dates back to 2010 when Nicole Curtis was searching for a new job. After getting rejected from a job interview, she saw the opportunity in real estate.

It wasn’t a complicated process. Nicole bought old properties in the Michigan and Minnesota area. The residents abandoned these houses and buildings for so long that they turned into ruins.

These houses were once homes. They provided warmth and shelter to many families. They don’t deserve to just rot away. Nicole deeply thought about them. Then she performed a complete restoration in hopes that they will once again be usable.

Nicole got her first child when she was 20. She faced more difficulty dealing with her second pregnancy in 2015. Filming a tv series with ongoing construction in itself takes a lot of effort. Being a single mother, the responsibility of raising and caring for her two sons was also on her shoulders.

What Happened to Nicole Curtis on Rehab Addict?

During the Rehab Addict seasons, she had to fight a court battle against her ex-boyfriend for custody rights over her son Harper. All this took a significant toll on Nicole, and she had to leave the show.

It wasn’t an overall wrong decision. She genuinely needed the time off, and after a life of struggle, it’s been a well-deserved break. It allowed her to care for herself and her children without worrying about her job.

Nocole Curtis on Rehab Addict

What is she doing now?

Nicole Curtis is back in the spotlight with a new show. Her latest series, Rehab Addict Rescue, is on HGTV since Jan 28. In this, Nicole helps DIY enthusiasts who messed up badly or just need help with their home renovation.

A professional’s guidance is always appreciated. The first season is currently being broadcasted.

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