Marrs and Napiers are filming Hometown Takeover Season 2: Location and Release date

The Napiers and Marrs couple are infamous for their historic renovations and home restorations in multiple cities. In 2022, the four of them are sharing the same screen for the entire season for the first time with their latest project Hometown Takeover Season 2.

The new season will document an even larger project than the previous season where the couples will restore and renovate houses and public spaces around the city of Fort Morgan, Colorado.

In this article, we discuss the release date, filming location, and additional details about the awaited and upcoming show Hometown Takeover Season 2.

About Hometown Take Over Season 1

The season 1 of Hometown Takeover showed us a total of 12 excellent home renovation projects in the city of Wetumpka, Alabama. Ben and Erin felt like they had made a significant impact on their previous hometown Laurel, Mississippi.

Thus, the couple decided to take their renovation skills and put them into use in a different town. Throughout season 1, Ben and Erin fixed up multiple business infrastructures, reinvigorated bad public places, and especially renovated old homes and turned them into masterpieces.

Image of Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs

The Hometown stars also coordinated with Dave and Jenny Marrs on some projects in season 1. This developed nice chemistry between the two couples, and they soon became good friends. HGTV aired the first episode of season 1 on May 2, 2021, and continued it for eight episodes until Jun 14, 2021.

Hometown Takeover Season 2

HGTV announced on July 26, 2022, that the show would come back for a second season. In season 2 of Home Town Takeover, things are getting even more interesting with two celebrity couples joining forces to renovate an old and historic town.

Even though HGTV did not announce the exact date for the release of the new season, we expect the Hometown Takeover season 2 to start airing by September 2022. This time, the location is Fort Morgan, a small in Colorado which holds so much importance in regards to history and architecture.

The couples aspire to make the town a buzzing hub for local and international tourists. With the successful completion of season 1, they are confident that they can bring the same positive changes as to all the towns they have renovated and worked on.

Image of Ben Napier and Erin Napier

Ben thinks Fort Morgan is so different from his hometown. However, he can see that this town has similar problems and is excited to begin renovation. The TV star expressed sadness about the fact that many youths leave this beautiful town and settle in big cities.

Moreover, Dave and Jenny are thrilled after the invitation by the Napiers and express that they loved working on occasional projects in season 1. The Marrses revealed that they are fond of small towns, and this is just the type of project that makes them ecstatic and motivated.

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