Bathroom Items List: 10 Must-Have Items in Your Bathroom

There are many underrated satisfaction in our lives. Examples are a genuine smile from a stranger, cold pillows, when you get your favorite songs while on shuffle mode, and other underrated moments that bring us a different kind of happiness. Another example that I think we can all agree on is a beautiful bathroom.

We all have one and we all want a clean one. Imagine this, you go to a hotel, apartment or house then what greets you is a welcoming fragrance, clean and organized furniture, and beautiful bedrooms. It makes you feel welcomed and more positive. But another thing that caught your attention is the shiny, clean, refreshing, and fragrant bathroom.

Yes! The bathroom. If you’re still imagining a stinky and gross bathroom, that’s not what I’m pertaining to but the clean floors, freshly prepared towels, comfy lights, and fragrant soaps that makes you want to stay there (don’t stay for too long though) and enjoy a nice warm stay. A bathroom like this is the one that lives up to the name “Comfort room” or “Restroom”

Luckily, you don’t need a full renovation to achieve this kind of bathroom. If you want a clean and attractive bathroom for your guests, for your pictures, for your family, and for yourself. Here are the 10 must-have items that you need for your dream bathroom.

1. Bathroom Decoration Items

Again, you don’t need a full renovation to achieve your dream bathroom so to spice up your bathroom simple decorations will do the job. You read that right, SIMPLE. Don’t make your bathroom your next gallery.

So simple decoration items such as mirrors, clipart, decorative lights, and wall decor are enough. A mirror is not just a decoration but also a need.

For us to properly check ourselves we need something to reflect us and that is our mirror so we can check any dirt or fix our tuck-ins.

Spice up your bathroom with a simple painting or art. Generally speaking, a minimalist aesthetic can make your bathroom look cleaner and more expensive.

You can add lights on the outline of the mirror to have a different light and create a hotel experience for your guests. There are many options so if you’re fond of customizing and designing, this is your chance!

2. Bathroom Items that start with “O”

There are only a few bathroom items that start with the letter O. But don’t worry, these items are essential for you and your bathroom. Bathroom items such as ointment, oral toothbrushes, and odor removers are all important.

Ointments or anti-bacterial creams are needed in a bathroom.

Some unexpected emergencies may occur and having an ointment will reduce the risk of skin infection.

Not also that but it can also be used for rashes that people may want to apply only in the bathroom. Oral toothbrushes are also another important essential that starts with the letter O.

A good breath keeps people near (this is not a quote). Kidding aside, having a minty breath will always compliment you, and having a toothbrush ready for you and your guests is a nice gesture that anyone will appreciate.

And lastly, odor removers. These are really needed because nobody likes a smelly bathroom. Odor removers help you get rid of unpleasant smells and can also provide a pleasant fragrance that can make your stay in the bathroom relaxing.

3. Dehumidifier

Achoo! Allergies… This can really be a pain for most of us, but what adds up to that pain is where it was triggered. And allergies triggered in the bathroom also known as the restroom don’t really seem pleasant to the ears.

But when you live in a humid climate you will often encounter molds, dust mites, and mildew which are the most common triggers for allergy. It doesn’t just affect our allergies but also our overall health and mold allergies can cause childhood asthma.

But for every solution, there is an answer. Dehumidifiers. A dehumidifier is an appliance that gets rid of humid or damp areas in our bathroom.

Image of Dehumidifier

In its coils, warm air currents are being drawn then condensation happens and eventually releases cooler air. Because of this, the humidity is reduced and mold build-up in not ventilated areas is prevented.

It’s also easy to use you just simply place the dehumidifier in the bathroom, plug it in and turn it on. Then you’re done. Getting rid of molds and a damp environment will give you a lot of benefits, from avoiding pests and eliminating allergy triggers to having a clean bathroom. This can all be achieved by a dehumidifier.

4. Heat lamp

Who enjoys cold weather? A lot of us do, it’s comfy and makes you want to sleep and just chill you know? But along with chilling and being comfy, one challenge you’re gonna have to face is the bathroom.

Although cold weathers are nice, a warm bath will do the trick of relaxing us. But cold weather will produce cold tiles, cold sinks, or any surface in your bathroom, expect it to be cold.

That ruins the fun relaxing vibe. But you don’t have to endure the cold tiles or any surface in your bathroom. A simple solution is a heat lamp.

They are also referred to as incandescent lights. This type of light generates heat and most of its consumption is towards heat.

Image of Bathroom Heat Lamp

They can quickly make your bathroom hot and they are long-lasting. Heat lamps are energy-efficient so if you’re thinking that they’re using up a lot of power, you’re wrong.

They are affordable and proper installation and placement are needed because it affects their lifespan. Also, if you’re more of a modern bathroom lover, having a heat lamp will make your bathroom more attractive due to its various designs, shapes, and sizes, and most of them are quite attractive and modern.

5. Rugs

This may or may not be on the top of your list but having a rug is one of the must-haves a bathroom should have. It injects personality and style into your bathroom.

After showering, a rug is your new best friend to dry your feet and also make it more welcoming and homely for the guests.  It provides softness and warmth that no tile could ever compare to.

One of our biggest concerns is slipping in the bathroom. You’re probably thinking “That doesn’t happen to me though”, well it might and you’ll probably answer “No, it won’t” but it might. You might want to defend yourself by saying that it won’t but let’s stop here.

Image of Rugs

There’s always a possibility of slipping and it causes some serious injuries to the body. So a rug near your tub or shower will provide a slip-free zone and will make you safe from the risks.

Rugs have a huge variety of sizes, designs, and materials. So be wise in choosing a rug. Your main focus should be practicality, of course, a rug that can easily be cleaned is the one you should opt for, a washable rug.

However, let not practicality stand in the way of your creativeness and style. There are still many other options that can fit your bathroom that will surely make the visitors enjoy your sense of style. Have comfort and protect yourself from slipping with style!

6. Plants

Plants in the bathroom? What if it easily dies? It will not look pleasant. Hush with the worries.

There are many plants that can thrive in a bathroom, they even have air-purifying qualities, how useful is that!

Not only that, but it will make your bathroom more refreshing to the eyes and more calming. Because of the humidity from taking a hot shower, small windows, and indirect light.

The environment in a bathroom can be compared to rainforests. Yup, tropical plants it is. Plants such as Paphiopedilums Orchids, Succulents, Lemon Button Fern, etc. are plants that refresh your bathroom and only need minimum requirements for them to live.

Image of Plants for bathroom

Plants also absorb extra moisture and eliminate bacteria. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom that adds elegance and calmness.

Which helps you reduce stress and improve your energy level. Aside from a minimal design, adding plants to your bathroom will bring incredible benefits.

7. Essential holder

Now, this is also one of the things you must have in your bathroom. A clean bathroom just makes you want to relax right?  It’s also very interesting to observe the designs and style of one’s bathroom.

It reveals a lot about their home. But no matter how beautiful your bathroom is if you don’t organize it, it still looks messy and not pleasing to the eyes.

Bathrooms are easy to organize but it creates a big impact on your family, guests, and yourself. Cleaning your counters creates a tidier look and gives more space.

Having an essential holder such as toothbrush organizers, drawer dividers, and containers will save you the time to find what you’re looking for. You can find them easily and will eliminate the stress hormones.

Image of Essential Holder for Bathroom

Through essentials holder, it improves the cleanliness and functionality of your bathroom. Because it saves time and money.

You might think you lost your favorite shampoo but it’s only being covered by your bathroom essentials. To avoid unnecessary time and money, an essentials holder will help you and have a more peaceful life.

8. Mirror

One of the most common things a bathroom has is a mirror. They are necessary and contribute a lot to your dream bathroom.

Checking your appearance, applying makeup, shaving your beard and the list goes on. Bathroom mirrors help us a lot, adding a mirror also creates an impression of more space.

Just by the correct placement of the mirror, it’s already a style. And mirrors offer a lot of variety of designs, shapes, and sizes.

An interesting fact about mirrors is that they can balance the space in your bathroom by creating symmetry. Through this, mirrors create their own type of artwork.

Image of Mirror for bathroom

Mirrors are also used as a wall cabinet that adds modernity to your bathroom. A wide variety such as traditional, contemporary, antique, modern, and vintage will enhance your bathroom and space.

9. Basic Toiletries

The toiletries are one of the things people love to discover in a hotel. Its design and function attract them. And to also make our bathroom attractive, having basic toiletries is a big step.

Basic toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, toilet paper, towels, etc. are highly appreciated by the guests when they see this.

Image of Basic Toiletries for Bathroom

These basic toiletries are useful for you, your family, and your guests. Having a beautiful bathroom is nothing if it doesn’t have the essentials.

10. Bathroom Cleaning items

The bathroom is one of the most visited parts of our house. Everybody goes here daily, if not, why? We wash our hands in the bathroom, we toothbrushes, we shower, etc. In general, we go to the bathroom to clean ourselves.

So where we clean is also where the germs party on. And a damp environment is what attracts fungi and bacteria.

Your dream bathroom should be for you and not for the germs and bacteria. Fortunately, maintaining a clean bathroom is not a mountain to climb but it’s a walk in the park if done daily.

Image of Bathroom Cleaning Items

Most of the surfaces found in the bathroom consist of glass or smooth surfaces so cleaning them won’t be that hard. A thorough and daily or weekly cleaning is needed to keep your fresh and clean bathroom.

That’s not it, you also have to use the correct items for cleaning the bathroom. So a toilet brush and plunger, trash can, glass cleaner, all-purpose bathroom cleaner, and baking soda are some of the examples that you can use when cleaning the bathroom.

With your bathroom cleaning items, you can have a clean and refreshing bathroom. So cleaning drips, splatters, mirrors, and most importantly, the toilet should be given attention to not create an unpleasant sight and smell.

So make your bathroom that compliments your house. A clean, organized, refreshing, and stylish bathroom is the way to go!

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