Ben Napier Wikipedia: Height & Weight Loss.

Ben Napier is a host on Home Town, which airs on HGTV. It is one of the most popular series on HGTV, primarily focusing on the revitalization of historic houses.

Since airing in 2016, the show has gone on to release five seasons. Ben, who works as a woodworker, pursued a degree in History in college.

Meanwhile, Erin worked as a graphic designer for corporations in the past. Their shared love for history and design has made it possible for Home Town to be such a standout hit amongst other shows.

Ben Napier Wikipedia

Napier’s humble beginnings date back all the way to 2005 at the University of Mississippi. Before becoming the renovation wizard that we know and love, Ben used to study B.A History.

Woodworker Ben Napier
Woodworker and entrepreneur with a degree in history, Ben Napier

Even before he got his own TV show, Ben had already featured on a number of news reports and talk shows. He first appeared on shows like Today, before following it up on other platforms like Access Hollywood, and Rachel Ray.

After the program’s meteoric rise, Ben and Erin were welcomed on the set of a few notable big-name talk shows. Most notably were their stints on Good Morning America and The Drew Barrymore Show. Ben Napier Wikipedia page does not exist.

Ben Napier’s Home

Being a renovation expert, it was not surprising to learn that Ben’s house stands out from the rest. If you scour his Instagram feed, you’ll be able to find a 1900s Craftsman-style-looking abode.

This house is something straight out of a classical romance movie, situated in Laurel, Mississippi. Erin had always dreamt of living in this type of home before it became a reality in 2017 after she and her husband bought the property.

Ben Napier’s Height

In view of his physique, Ben Napier is, to say the least, a humongous dude. With what people would consider a “large build,” Ben stands at 6’6 and used to weigh 302 pounds. As a result of his enormous stature, his wife gave him the moniker of “BIG.”

Ben Napier’s Weight Loss Journey

When Ben first started appearing on Home Town, he used to weigh a whopping 330 pounds. But over the years, especially after he had his daughter Ellen, Ben dedicated himself to change and dropped the weight.

“Having Helen made me want to be healthier so I could be around a lot longer and see her grow up and see her whole life,” says Ben.

His family’s history of strokes also factored into Ben’s weight loss goal, saying in an interview that his Grandfather died due to a stroke back when his mother was just 17.

Napier’s weight loss journey surely wasn’t easy, and it was nine years in the making. His diet was grueling and simply hard. It comprised of cutting carbs and intermittent fasting. I

n addition to this, Erin’s wife also shared his exercise routine of waking up at 4 in the morning to play ball. If we were to pull out the statistics, throughout three seasons of Home Town, Ben Napier had reportedly lost about 35 pounds.

But the grind didn’t stop there. Just before the Fall of 2020 and the start of the 5th season of Home Town, Erin happily shared that Ben has already lost 55 pounds coming into the new season. Despite all of his weight loss, Ben Napier stated that he still wants to retain his “BIG” nickname.

Ben Napier’s Parents/Family

Outside of a few interviews here and there, and their social media accounts, there isn’t a lot of info on Napier’s family.

In an interview, he revealed that he has three brothers. Sam, a math professor, Tom, the hot-tempered brother, and Jesse, the polite one.

Back in 2014, his family fell on a bit of ill fortune. Ben’s father, Wayne Napier, had to have emergency bypass surgery.

Ben Napier’s Football Career

“Did Ben play sports?” To answer that, he didn’t. Though you might’ve probably heard of the name “Ben Napier” in football or American football, chances are that isn’t the big old woodworking Ben that we all know and love.

There are currently two “Ben Napiers” known to have played football. One is “Ben Napier” who currently plays for the LS Varsity Football team in Long Beach.

The other is a 20-year-old soccer player who had, unfortunately, passed already. The aforementioned players were the main reason why people think that Home Town’s Ben Napier has played or is playing FootBall.

Ben Napier’s Age and DOB.

Ben was born on the 24th of September 1983, which means he is set to turn 38 soon. Moreover, his zodiac sign is Libra.

Woodworker Ben Napier
Woodworker, entrepreneur and Erin Napier’s husband

Is Ben Napier a Democrat?

Back when he ran for office in 2013, Ben had registered as an independent. This meant that he was neither a republican nor democrat, which are the two major political parties in the country. However, the fact that he primarily operates from the south would suggest that he is a republican. This is further backed by his strong religious background.

Now to answer the question, “Is Ben a democrat?”

According to Erin herself, to answer the speculations after being labeled democrats after staying silent on social media as racial protests broke out back in June last year; Erin stated on an episode of the podcast Quarantine Creatives with Heath Racela,

 “You’re trying to address something that happened on a city street in America through a social media outlet where people post recipes.”

As of now, we still don’t have any concrete evidence, official statement, or any sort that clearly says “Ben is a democrat.”

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