Ryan Van Duzer Wife, Wikipedia Biography

A host of many TV shows and bicycle events all over the world, Ryan Van Duzer finds it amusing when people criticize him talking about politics. They suggest Ryan to stay in his lane and stick to cycling. However, he thinks with his bicycle; he can spread the message and connect with everyone. “My lane is humanity and love,” says Ryan.

The adventurist Ryan recently completed the Leadville 100course. It took him 24 hours to run the course. To date, he has promoted many bicycle campaigns and gained fame for the same. What about his personal life?

Today, we look at Ryan Van Duzer’s wife and Wikipedia biography.

Who is Ryan Van Duzer’s Wife?

Ryan has a huge following on social media platforms, especially YouTube. And there are many queries about his married life. So, is he married?

It turns out; Ryan Van Duzer is unmarried and single in 2021. He is also heartbroken since his divorce from his girlfriend, Ali Geiser.

In a YouTube video, Ryan shared his story with his one year girlfriend Ali and how hard it had been after the breakup. The couple spent a wonderful year together, and Ryan had introduced her to his followers on Social media. And just like him, his fans adored the lady too.

One of the craziest things the couple did together was going on a three-month cycling trip across the United States. They abandoned their city lives and went on a tour with just their bags and a few necessary items.

To make their journey further meaningful, the couple also met many people and asked for relationship advice. All this is documented in Ryan’s YouTube channel, which has 126K followers and 832 videos in 2021.

According to Ryan, Ali was the only woman he deeply loved, and they had a wonderful time together. However, they had different views and plans for life, which is why they broke up on good terms.

After the breakup, Ryan couldn’t move on for a long time. In the announcement video, which he posted after two months of separation, he became emotional multiple times. At present, he has realized that life is more than just one girl and seeking all the opportunities life has to offer.

Ryan Van Duzer with his girlfriend, Ali
The adventurist Ryan Van Duzer with his Ex-girlfriend, Ali Geiser

Ryan Duzer Age, net worth, and Wiki

Ryan Van Duzer was born in Jan 21, 1979. He is a cyclist, adventurist, and a nature-loving guy. Ryan loves creating documentaries and videos out of his experiences. Furthermore, Ryan is a TV show host and an activist.

He has worked for many shows and series like ‘Remote and Refined’ and ‘People for Bikes.’ He also hosted the ‘Pure Cycles TV on YouTube.’

Ryan Duzer is 43 years old. He has a net worth of about $50k. His primary sources of wealth are his YouTube Channel, his career as a host, and the support from his followers in Social Media.

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