David Bromstad Net Worth 2022 and House

David Reed Bromstad is an expert home designer and HGTV Tv personality. David has appeared on several DIY-based shows like Beach Flip and My Lottery Dream Home throughout his career.

Bromstad is a native of Cokato, Minnesota, and was born on August 17th, 1973. It means that he is set to turn 49 at some point this year.

One of the notable things about David Bromstad’s appearance is his tattoos. It makes Bromstad quite distinguishable from the other tv personalities on HGTV.

Being on television helped Davide Bromstad build a sizeable net worth for himself.

David Bromstad’s Rise to Stardom

As a kid, Bromstad was interested in pursuing a career as an animator, particularly when it came to Disney illustrations. To this end, he enrolled in Ringling College of Art and Design, based in Florida.

He chose the institution because its affiliation with the Disney Company is well-documented. After he finished his studies, David got his dream job, working as an illustrator at his favorite company.

Image of David Bromstad

In addition to drawing, the company helped Bromstad develop woodworking and painting skills. Unfortunately, this dream was short-lived as David was put on probation after a while.

Rather than stay at home, David decided to try something different. He launched Bromstad Studio and went into business for himself.

Everything would change when one of his friends offered him the chance to decorate a kid’s room in a house he was designing. David made full use of his skills and experience to create several beautiful designs.

The murals he created were based on several Disney properties, ranging from films like Finding Nemo to Toy Story. Suffice it to say; he built a fantasy room that most kids would love. All this was done on a modest budget of $2500.

When HGTV’s Design star first aired back in 2006, David was one of the first designers to be selected for the project. The show’s premise was simple; the nine contestants would all vie for the chance to get their own series on the network.

Winning the show’s first season proved to be a turning point for Bromstad’s career. He got not only a new car but also a job on HGTV. Soon after, David got the chance to appear on shows like Color Splash, Rock the Block, and DIY Insider.

David Bromstad Net Worth 2022

David’s first major cash windfall came after he won the first season of Design Star. As the season’s winner, he reportedly took home a cheque for $250,000.

His earnings doubled once he started hosting several other shows on HGTV. For instance, sources say that he makes roughly around $500,000 every year for being the host of My Lottery Dream Home.

Besides this, Bromstad makes $30,000 for every extra tv appearance. So far, David has featured in over 20 different shows. David Bromstad’s net worth is reportedly valued at $4 million.

House and Cars

After a year of searching, David finally found his dream house in Orlando, Florida. The house in question was a Tudor-style property with four bathrooms and five bedrooms.

Image of David Bromstad

In an interview on HGTV, Bromstad revealed that it was his dream house, and he wouldn’t consider selling. He is, however eager to get started on a few renovations along the property.

With an impressive bank account, it comes as no surprise that David has amassed an impressive car collection over the years. His garage is full of luxury vehicles like the Mustang GT Convertible.

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