Is David Bromstad Married to a husband/partner? Love life Details

David Bromstad is a home décor expert and designer who greatly utilizes color. Interestingly, David is the first designer to win HGTV’s first season of Design Star.

His impressive victory meant that he got the chance to host a few shows on the network, ranging from titles like Colour Splash to My Lottery Dream Home. Examining Bromstad’s personal life, we learned that he is openly gay and a part of the LGBTQ community.

So, is David Bromstad married? Does he have a partner? Let’s explore his love life in detail.

Who is David Bromstad’s partner?

As far as we can tell, David Bromstad does not have a husband or partner for that matter. The last serious relationship he had was with Jeffrey Glasko.

We can, however, confirm that the two are no longer together. To say that their break-up was ugly would be the understatement of the year.

Things got so messy that the two eventually ended up in court. Since the split, David has kept his love life relatively quiet.

Image of David Bromstad

There was an unnamed mystery man he nicknamed BF, but their relationship did not amount to much. Aside from the men David takes pictures with at Gay pride festivals, we haven’t heard any rumors of him dating.

His love life details.

David Bromstad and his former partner Jeffrey first talked back in 2004 during Valentine’s Day. Both attended a single’s mixer thrown at a local pub in Florida.

Like most men who showed up, David was in the market for a long-term partner. Interestingly, David had known about Jeffrey for some time now.

However, he hadn’t been able to muster up the courage to make a move. That night though, sparks flew, and the two would start dating shortly after.

Image of David Bromstad with his boyfriend Jeffrey Glasko

The next few years were great, with David officially coming out in what was dabbed as a controversial move. Fans and friends alike were shocked when Jeffrey decided to break up with David after over a decade together.

He ended the relationship because of David’s alleged alcohol and drug problems. According to Jeffrey, his former partner would regularly indulge in drugs, and other men, depleting their resources extensively.

As such, he decided to take David to court to recoup some of the money he had lost.

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