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Tamara Day is known for her hit show on HGTV entitled Bargain Mansions. She, along with her father, Ward Schraeder, roam around their hometown Kansas City, looking for mansions that have been left in disrepair by their previous owners. Tamara Day’s Wikipedia biography includes her age and net worth.

They acquire the dilapidated mansions at a low price and then flip them. The mansions are renovated, but their old charm and historical elements are kept intact.

The mansions may look antiquated on the outside, but they are installed with very modern features to make them comfortable for their new inhabitants. Meet her husband Bill day and their kids.

Tamara Day, Net Worth and Income Sources

The net worth of Tamara Day is $4 million as of 2022. Her income comes mainly from her work as a television host of a popular television show on HGTV.

As a TV host, her salary is $10,000 for each episode of her show Bargain Mansions. She earns this substantial salary because of her elevated status as a designer.

Tamara has designed many homes around Kansas and has gained popularity through her many years of experience in designing homes. In addition, she also gets an income as the owner of Growing Days, a furnishing and design company.

How Old Is Tamara Day?

The birthdate of Tamara Day is August 20, 1976. This means that the designer/TV host has just turned 46 years old as of 2022.

Tamara Day Is Married To her Husband, Bill Day

Tamara met her husband, Bill Day, at the Bartle Hall of Kansas City. It was at a New Year’s Eve fair where they both had booths.

Tamara was selling t-shirts and credit cards. Bill, on the other hand, was manning their firm’s booth. Their booths were right next to one another, and that was how they met.

Tamara candidly recalls that Bill kept mispronouncing her name during their first meeting. He kept calling her ‘Tomorrow”. Six months after their first meeting, Bill asked her out on a date.

Soon after that, they became a couple. In November 2000, Bill finally made Tamara, his wife. They have been married for two decades now.

Tamara Day with her husband, Bill Day
Tamara Day with her husband, Bill Day

Bill Day Biography

Bill Day is a native of Missouri, and his birth date is October 5. 1969. His parents are Billie and Virgil Day. He will be turning 53 years old this October 2022.

Virgil was a retired US Army officer who later on started a real estate business together with his wife, Billie. Bill is the eldest of three siblings, all of which are boys. His siblings Steve and Tom are still living in Missouri.

Bill studied at the University of Missouri-Columbia and graduated with a degree in accountancy in 1992. In 1995, he followed in his parents’ footsteps and established BL Day Properties, his own real estate company.

In 2013, Tamara Day’s husband Bill Day embarked on a career as a financial adviser at the Integrated Wealth Advisory Services Inc. The company is based in Kansas City.

At present, he is the senior wealth advisor of the company. In addition, Bill also has a background in home renovation, like his wife, Tamara. This is attributed to the real estate business that his family-owned. Tamara Day’s husband Bill Day has had some experience in flipping homes.


Tamara is a busy career woman, juggling her time designing and filming for her show. In addition to that, she is also a mother of four kids.

Her first-born Henry, was born in January 2004. Her second son Bobby was born two years later, in March 2006.

Tom, her third son, was born in November 2007. Tamara’s only daughter, Nora, was born in November 2013.

Tamara looking happy with her husband and kids
Tamara Day with her husband, Bill Day, and children

Tamara’s First Project

The very first project that Tamara did was her own house. In 2008, she and her husband Bill decided to move to a bigger home because their family was growing.

They already had three boys at that time, and there was not enough space for the kids to move around or play.

Tamara and her husband bought a 5,000-square feet property that was foreclosed and needed a lot of repairs. The house was originally built in the 80s and had been neglected for a long time.

However, they could not afford to hire a professional crew for the renovations at that time. So, she decided to take on the renovation job herself.

Tamara spent long hours doing the renovation herself while taking care of her kids at the same time. She also spent a lot of time scouring fairs and estate sales for the furnishings of her home.

The newbie renovator would buy old furniture and then spruce it up with a new coat of paint. Her home was the perfect combination of old charm and modern features.

The finished product was stunning, and it caught their community’s attention. This paved the way for her to create her design and furnishings company, Growing Days, which she opened in the latter part of the 2000s.

She decided to turn her hobby of refurbishing old furniture into a business because her market got bigger. More than 1000 people would come to her weekend fairs to buy her furniture.

At present, Growing Days is located at Prairie Village in Kansas City. The store sells home décor pieces, apparel, and select art pieces.

Body Measurements

Tamara Day stands at 5 feet and 5 inches. Despite having four kids, the renowned renovator has maintained her fit physique and weighs 62 kilograms.

Her slim figure measures 34-25-36. She wears a size two dress and size seven shoes.

Tamara Day
Tamara Day, Host of the hit show on HGTV entitled Bargain Mansions

Tamara Day Wikipedia

Bargain Mansion Tamara Day is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. Her parents are Ward and Trish Schraeder. Ward, her father, appears with her on her show Bargain Mansions.

In addition, Tamara has three other siblings. She grew up in a Christian household. The Kansas native has spent all her life in her hometown. Currently, she and her family of six reside at Leawood in Kansas.

The expert house flipper and TV host learned about fixing homes from her dad. At an early age, she helped her father Ward with repairs around their farm.

She also helped her dad in the major renovation of their house since they could not afford to hire a construction company at that time.

Tamara studied at Kansas State University and graduated with a degree in communications. The year 2008 was a very important turning point in Tamara’s career.

She was already married at that time and had three young kids. There was a need to move to a bigger house, so they acquired a 5000-square-foot property that needed a lot of repairs.

Due to the lack of funds, that house became her first renovation project. The renovation turned out beautifully, so she decided to become a professional home renovator.

Soon after that, she gained popularity within her hometown. As a result, she caught the attention of TCL, who hired her to host Bargain Mansions. Tamara Day’s Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Her Show Bargain Mansions

Bargain Mansions first aired on TCL in November 2017. It has just concluded its third season on HGTV and is awaiting news for its fourth season.

There is still no update if the show will be on a break or if it will be coming back for a fourth season this 2022. Tamara hosts the show together with her father, Ward Schraeder.

Tamara is not just the host of the show; she is also the primary designer and leads all of the renovation works. The show takes on two projects in three months. The mansions are often sold even before the renovation works are finished.

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