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Robert Novogratz is a real estate owner, interior designer, and entrepreneur. Since 2014, he is designing private residences and boutique hotels with his wife under the collective name ‘The Novogratzes.’ Today, he runs many successful businesses and owns exquisite properties across Los Angeles.

Robert was the host of the HGTV show ‘Home by Novogratz.’ The show aired for two seasons from July 2011 to October 2012. Today, we look at the Wikipedia biography of Robert Novogratz.

Robert Novogratz Wikipedia

Robert Novogratz was born in Virginia, the United States, in 1963. From an early age, he loved sports and art. Robert’s parents were enthusiastic individuals with a passion for decorative works. That is how he got his influence. Furthermore, Robert attended the local public school in Alexandria.

As he grew up, Robert moved to North Carolina to pursue his further studies. There, he met Cortney, and the duo became inseparable. In the early stages, he looked after the renovation of damaged structures in Manhattan. After the renovation, he flipped the properties for a higher price.

And with time, Robert nurtured and fine-tuned his skills and vision for the renovation. He primarily concerned himself with architectural details, interior finishing, and decorating the properties with rare artifacts.

Robert is known for his vintage style while renovating homes. 5 Centre Market Place is one of his showcased works which he transitioned from an abandoned gun shop. In 2014, Robert shifted to Los Angeles to seek better opportunities. His first work in the city came when he landed a project of home renovation in Hollywood Hills.

Together with his wife, Robert Novogratz founded the renovation and design firm ‘The Novogratzes.’ The firm focuses on high ticket clients and designs private residences. Furthermore, it also provides services to Boutique-hotels.

Recently, the duo designed a luxury apartment structure in California. The firm has also developed its own line of construction and design products. They put up their products for sale in online marketplaces like Amazon, Overstock, and Walmart.

Who is Robert Novogratz wife?

Robert is married to Cortney Novogratz. Cortney is much more than Robert’s wife. She is a business partner, counselor, and co-author of his books. The duo shares an amazing relationship that is signified by their achievements.

Together, they founded ‘the Novogratzes’ to aid people in constructing and renovating their dream houses. Furthermore, the couple features in the HGTV show ‘Home by Novogratz.’ With their passion for the work and love for one another, the couple has touched millions of worldwide fans.

Moreover, Robert and Cortney share seven children. Their show on HGTV aired for two seasons and 25 episodes in total.

Robert Novogratz with his wife, Cortney Novogratz
A real estate owner, Robert Novogratz with his wife, Cortney Novogratz

Net worth

In 2021, Robert Novogratz has a net worth of about $3 million. The designer accumulated his wealth thanks to his firm, his TV shows, and his books.

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