Alison Victoria Net Worth, Height, Age, House, Measurements.

Alison Victoria Gramenos is an American actress, television host, interior designer, and producer. She ventured into Television in 2011.

Nearly a decade on, and she has hosted shows like Windy City Rehab, Flipping America, Ty Breaker, etc. Alison garnered most of her fame by being the first woman to host the DIY Network show “Kitchen Crashers.”

Alison is also the founder and owner of “Alison Victoria Collection,” which is a Luxury Furniture company. She received a Rising Stars of Business Award in 2011 from the Las Vegas Press.

Currently, she has thousands of followers on all social media platforms. Today, we talk about Alison’s net worth, house, and measurements.

Alison Victoria Wikipedia

Alison Victoria is a reality television star. She is the second child of Becky Karacostas and was born on the 31st October of 1981 in Chicago. Victoria has not revealed her father’s identity.

Moreover, Alsion holds an American nationality, though she has ancestral ties to Greece. She grew up in Chicago with three other siblings. As far as her personal life goes, Alison was once married to Chicago-based Insurance agent Luke Harding.

The two first started seeing each other in 2011, before tying the knot two years later. Although the two are divorced, they continue to co-parent their daughter together.

In 1999, Alison moved to Las Vegas, where she graduated from the University of Nevada to pursue a career as an interior designer. Her first job was at Christopher Homes, where she worked as the youngest designer on the team.

Alison Victoria Net Worth, House

Victoria’s career as an interior designer has flourished over the years. She has gained most of her wealth from hosting reality shows. In addition, Victoria has also done a bit of interior designing for many rich families in Las Vegas.

As of 2021, Alison Victoria has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Moreover, her average salary is $57,756 per annum. However, after her former spouse filed a lawsuit against her and HGTV show, her net worth is believed to have decreased slightly.

Alison Victoria Height, Measurements

Victoria stands at 5’5 feet, or 165cm tall, which is just about the average height of an American female. Other than that, she weighs approximately 55kg.

Alison has dark brown hair and beautiful black eyes. She supposedly has body measurements of 38-24-40 inches.

Alison Victoria
The TV star, Alison Victoria

Alison Victoria Interiors, Designs

Alison Victoria was attracted to interior designing right from childhood. Her father fueled her passion for renovating houses in Canada. Fresh from a stint at the University of Nevada, Alison dove head fast into design.

She turned numerous plain kitchens in America into ravishing spaces. Alison frequents different local marts and meets people who have come to buy kitchen accessories.

Through her powers of persuasion, she convinces them to let her fix their kitchens for free. Furthermore, Alison mixes her designing skills with her passion for restoring old homes on “Windy City Rehab.”

Moreover, she also buys historical and old neglected homes in the neighborhood and adds a modern style and shade to them. Presently, Alison runs the show alongside a lead contractor Donovan Eckhardt.

Moreover, she is known for selecting houses with a bit of history. She also aims to restore most houses’ original essence.

Alison Victoria's interiors designs
Alison Victoria’s Chicago house


Donovan filed a lawsuit of $2.2 million against Victoria. He accused her of being the cause of his “embarrassing, traumatic, and humiliating” experience.

He blamed HGTV and Alison Victoria personally for falsely portraying him as an untrustworthy character. According to him, the show’s second season was filled with fake scenes that intentionally made him look awful.

The reality series supposedly fabricated the script to boost ratings. Following the accusation, the production company ‘Big Table Media’ and HGTV’s parent company Discovery had to contend with a defamation lawsuit that could cost them $2.2 million.

Alison Victoria and Donovan Eckhardt

Alison and Donovan Eckhardt are the lead designer and contractor duo on the reality show “Windy City Rehab.” Backing the popularity of her DIY Network show “Kitchen Crashers,” she started restoring old homes in Chicago.

The show gained major popularity towards the end of the first season. However, the start of the second season had some mishaps for which Donovan Eckhardt was blamed.

Their working relationship imploded after they fired Donovan from the show back in 2019. He supposedly suffered from depression and emotional distress following the incident.

He then filed a defamation lawsuit again the Production Company and HGTV, demanding compensation for the incident.

Alison Victoria with her partner, Donovan Eckhardt
The Tv star, Alison Victoria, with her show partner, Donovan Eckhardt

How old is Alison Victoria?

As of 2021, Victoria is 39 years old. She will soon celebrate her 40th birthday on the 31st of October 2021.

Nationality, Parents

Victoria is an American citizen. She was born to Becky Karacostas and a father whose identity is unknown. Although she posts pictures featuring her father on social media, she has chosen not to reveal his identity.

All we know is that her father was an FBI agent, Public Defender, and Federal Judge. Later on, she’d even announce her father’s demise on an Instagram post.

Alison always knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She has faced many tough situations, a lawsuit from her former work partner being just an example.

Today, Alison has risen to a height of success despite all difficulties she faced on her way. She is now a TV star valued at an impressive $4 million.

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