Sherry Holmes Brain Tumor, Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia

Sherry Holmes is a Canadian home renovating expert and TV personality. She is one of three children of Mike Holmes — the eminent Canadian contractor, businessman, TV host, and entrepreneur. Sherry is most known for her appearances in reality shows like “Holmes Makes It Right,” “Holmes and Holmes,” and “Holmes: The Next Generation.” This is Sherry Holme’s Wikipedia-type biography. Know her net worth, Age, and Brain Tumor.

Sherry Holmes Wikipedia, Bio

In an Instagram post in June 2021, Sherry Holmes revealed her reason behind wanting to get into construction. Despite being the daughter of the eminent contractor Mike Holmes, Sherry never considered working in construction, let alone making a living in it.

However, after spending time in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2008 building homeless shelters for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, Sherry found her calling.

She began working alongside her father in his company and, like her family, appeared in several HGTV home renovations shows starring Mike.

Sherry started working as a production assistant on the set of “Holmes on Homes” from 2005 to 2009. Subsequently, she began working as part of the construction crew on the show as well as other similar shows like “Holmes Inspection,” “Holmes Makes It Right,” and “Holmes Makes it Right: Retooled.”

Concurrently, Sherry also made her on-screen debut in 2013 in “Holmes Makes It Right.” Since that time, she has appeared in several home renovations shows like “Holmes: The Next Generation,” “Holmes Makes it Right: Retooled,” “Holmes and Holmes,” and “Holmes Family Effect.”

Sherry will return to the screens soon with a brand-new home renovation show titled “Holmes Family Rescue.” The home renovation reality series is currently in pre-production and is expected to drop in the near future.

Holmes Family Rescue” will focus on the Holmes family’s philanthropic drive as they try to fix people’s houses ruined after botched construction jobs.

Mike Holmes Daughter Sherry Holmes Brain Tumor

Sherry Holmes had a childhood unlike what most people probably had. Sherry was diagnosed with a brain tumor at a young age.

Doctors found the malignant tumor when performing a routine CT scan. As it turned out, the early diagnosis helped to identify the tumor before it became fatal.

After undergoing treatment, Sherry is now in complete remission. She has been cancer-free for a couple of decades now and has put those harrowing days behind her.

Sherry Holmes with her father, Mike Holmes
Sherry with her father, Mike Holmes

Sherry Holmes Age and Birthdate

Sherry Holmes was born in 1992 in Ontario, Canada, as one of three children of Alexandra and Mike Holmes. Depending on the month of her birth, Sherry is around 30 years old as of August 2022.

She has an elder sister, Amanda Holmes, and a younger brother, Mike Holmes, Jr.

Who is Sherry’s Father, Mike Holmes?

Sherry’s father is Michael “Mike” James Holmes — the eminent Canadian contractor, businessman, and TV personality. He got into construction through his father and founded his own company at 21.

Mike is perhaps the most famous contractor to come out of Canada. He has helmed several home-renovation shows on HGTV, including “Holmes on Homes,” “Holmes Inspection,” “Holmes Makes It Right,” and “Holmes and Holmes.”

Furthermore, he also owns several businesses under the umbrella of The Holmes Group, including a tools manufacturing and distribution company and a television production company.

Mike stars with his wife, his three children, and their respective spouses in several of the HGTV home renovation shows.

Sherry Holmes Net worth

While reports on the subject vary, several sites place Sherry Holmes’ net worth at around $1 million. In comparison, her father, Mike Holmes, has a net worth of $35 million.

Sherry got into construction through her father, one of the most respected contractors in the world. Most of her accumulated wealth comes from working for and with her father on shows like “Holmes Makes It Right,” “Holmes and Holmes,” and “Holmes: The Next Generation.”

Besides that, Sherry is also a prominent social media personality. She has nearly 50k followers on Instagram. Furthermore, she has an additional 78k followers on Facebook and 16.6k followers on Twitter.

Family: Husband, Kids

Besides being a contractor and TV personality, Sherry Holmes can also put wife and mother in her résumé. She is, indeed, married and the mother of a daughter.

Sherry married her husband, Blake Steed, on December 13, 2018. Blake is one of the behind-the-scenes contractors on several of the home renovation shows that Sherry stars in. Sherry and Blake met and fell in love while working on one such show, and the rest is history. In June 2017, Sherry announced her engagement to Blake via her Instagram.

Blake and Sherry are nearing their three-year anniversary later this year. On April 21, 2019, Sherry gave birth to her first child with Blake, a daughter named Cali Kay Holmes Steed.

On May 14, 2021, Sherry announced that she was expecting her second child with Blake via her Instagram. Mrs. Holmes was 20 weeks into her pregnancy when she made the announcement. Mrs. Sherry regularly updates her nearly 50k followers on her growing baby bump.

Furthermore, Mrs. Sherry Holmes is a self-professed “world traveller & adventurer.” When she is not busy with work or family, she likes to engage in outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and sports.

Sherry Holmes in wedding dress with her husband, Blake Steed
Home renovating expert, Sherry Holmes and her husband, Blake Steed

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