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Kat Stickler is a famous TikTok celebrity together with her husband, Mike Stickler. The couple’s TikTok account became famous for its pranks and funny videos during the height of the pandemic.

They have more than 3 million fans in the first three months since they started their TikTok account. Due to their popularity on the said media platform, HGTV offered them to become the hosts of HGTV Obsessed. It is the new podcast show on HGTV.

The couple shares their perspective on life, family, and love candidly and humorously. However, fans of the show were shocked when Kat and Mike announced that they are getting a divorce on social media.

Kat Stickler Wiki

Kat Stickler is a native of Miami, Florida. Her birthdate is October 31, 1994. As of 2021, Kat is 26 years old. There is no public information about her parents. However, it is known that Kat has a younger brother based on her Instagram posts. Other than that, Kat has remained secretive about her family life.

How Kat Stickler Met Mike Stickler

Kat met Mike in 2019, and they briefly dated and then got married within a short period. The couple dated, married, and got pregnant with their first child within a span of only three months.

Kat was already pregnant when she married Mike. It was definitely a whirlwind romance for Kat and Mike. In 2020, during the start of the pandemic, the couple started making funny videos on TikTok.

They also pranked one another. Their videos shot to fame, and they gained millions of fans within just three months.

Kat Stickler and Mike Stickler with their baby girl
Divorced Tiktok couple, Kat Stickler and Mike Stickler with their baby girl

The Separation

Sadly, in March 2021, Kat and Mike announced that they would be getting a divorce. Even before the official announcement, fans already had an idea that something was amiss between the famous TikTok couple.

They had stopped posting photos of the two of them together like before. They had also started posting solo videos on TikTok.  Kat and Mike made a video together to announce to their fans that they are separating and that it will be their last video together.

Life After The Divorce

After the divorce, Kat Stickler and her ex-husband Mike started their separate TikTok accounts. They also made individual accounts for their other social media platforms.

The couple has joint custody of their daughter Mary Katherine Stickler or MK. Kat lives with her daughter in Tampa, Florida.

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