Who’s Egypt Sherrod’s Sister? Meet Her Parents

Egypt Sherrod is a well-known name as a host of HGTV’s famous shows- Flipping virgins and Property Virgins. In addition to being a TV and radio personality, she is also the CEO of her Atlanta-based company, Egypt Sherrod Real State Group.

Here, we get to know more about the TV personality, her sister, and her parents.

Who is Egypt Sherrod’s Sister?

The HGTV host has a younger sister- Tewan Sherrod, who she is very fond of. Although the sisters share different interests in life, they are inseparable and are best friends. Egypt posts and talks a lot about her sister.

Tewan is a year younger than her TV host sister. Her birthday falls on April 27th. She is a Registered Nurse professionally and worked as a frontline worker during COVID.

Tewan and her husband, Robert Skywalker-Comer, met while both of them were working at Virtua Health. They got hitched on 23rd December 2010 and have been married for almost 12 years now (2022).

Robert, in April 2019, started his own company Roblo Vending Machine. The couple has a beautiful daughter Peyton Sherrod; The RN has a daughter from her previous wedding, Yasmin Sherrod Singletary.

Yasmin graduated in 2019, studying Psychology from Towson University. She has a child as well.


Although the TV personality doesn’t talk about her father much, she claims her mother to be her best friend. She shares wholesome posts about her mother, Kim, on her social media accounts.

Image of Egypt Sherrod with her Mother

She looks up to her mother very much and has even said she is turning into her mother and is loving it. The only known information about her father is that she learned about the art of real state from him.

Egypt Sherrod Wiki

Egypt Sherrod was brought up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by her grandparents. She was born on 1976, making her 46 years of age (2022). Her birthday falls on November 16th.

The host completed her Arts degree from Temple University in broadcasting and telecommunication. She also studied theatre at New York University’s Tisch School of Arts.

Image of Egypt Sherrod

The TV personality is married happily with two daughters, Kendall Jackson (January 2012) and Harper Skye (February 2019), and a stepdaughter. Her husband, Mike Jackson Fadelf, is a contactor and a DJ.

The happy couple has been hitched since September 11, 2010.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Egypt Sherrod
Date of Birth 1976, November 16th 
Birth Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Mother  Kim
Sister Tewan Sherrod 
Husband Mike Jackson Fadelf (2010- present)
Daughters Kendall Jackson

Harper Skye 

Net Worth (2022) $6 million 
Height 5’7”

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