Is Matt Marrs Dave Marrs’ Twin Brother? Meet his Wife Karey Ross Marrs.

Dave Marrs is an experienced handyman, DIY expert, contractor, and craftsman. Moreover, he is a key figure at Marrs Construction, which is a company he runs alongside his wife and partner, Jenny Marrs. The two are also the faces of HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous. Most people will not be aware of the fact that Dave has a brother named Matt Marrs. Read this to know if Matt is Dave Marrs twin brother.

Though they are related, Matt and his brother Dave couldn’t be any more different. Read through the rest of the article to uncover everything there is to know about Dave Marrs’ brother, Matt.

Who is Matt Marrs?

Matt Marrs is an entrepreneur who owes his budding popularity to his brother, Dave. Some sources additionally suggest that Matt is a former military man, just like his father.

He was spotted dressed in full military uniform in one post, which further supported that he had served in the army at one point.

This would also explain why Matt is much more reserved and serious in general. Aside from a possible career in the military, Matt also helps his brother run Marrs Construction, which is listed as a family business.

Image of Matt Marrs and Ross Marrs

This is a construction and renovation company that mainly operates in the Arkansas area. A further examination into Marrs construction shows that Matt once served as the company’s primary VP, and treasurer.

In fact, the only other person above his station was his brother, Dave, who is the company’s founder and president.

Growing up, both Matt and his brother watched as their father went to work in his carpentry workshop. In fact, Mr. Marrs taught the boys everything they needed to know when it came to woodwork, construction, and renovation.

Dave Marrs Twin Brother Matt Brown with is beautiful wife Karey Ross Marrs

As far as his credentials go, Matt was enrolled at Kiowa Undivided High. After this, it remains unclear which university he attended, but it is widely speculated that he joined the Navy right after.

Age and Family

Matt Marrs was born on March 14th, 1977, in Kiowa, Colorado, and turned 45 this year. From this, we can also gather that Matt is an American citizen by birth.

His parents remain the subject of much speculation, though we do know that Matt’s father was a former officer of the navy. Other than that, we also found that Matt grew up alongside two other siblings.

The first, as most of you know, is his brother, Dave Marrs. Other than that, Matt also has a sister named Katie.

Matt Marrs is Married to his wife Karey Ross Marrs

Matt’s wife is a woman named Karey Ross Marrs. Like her husband, Karey is also an American citizen. Career-wise, we found that she was a stay-at-home mom.

Image of Dave Marrs Brother Matt Marrs with his wife Karey Ross Marrs

Records show that the two first tied the knot on the 13th of October 2001, which tells us that they have been together for over two decades, 21 years to be exact. While we are not sure when the two met, some sources speculate that it must have been while they were still students.

In total, Karey and Matt have three children, all daughters. Unsurprisingly, their parents tend to keep them out of the limelight.

Once or twice, however, we will catch glimpses of Matt and his family on his brother’s social media handles during major holidays. Matt and his family currently reside in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Matt Marrs and his wife Karey Ross Marrs

Is Matt Marrs Dave Marrs’ Twin Brother?

The Marrs brothers might look quite similar but many would disagree that they look like twin brothers. To answer your question, No, Matt isn’t Dave Marrs Twin Brothers. Some people have noticed that Matt looks quite older to be Dave’s twin brother.

Dave Marrs Brother Matt is not on Fixer to Fabulous

Surprisingly, Matt Marrs is not a part of the HGTV reality show, Fixer to Fabulous. This is shocking, considering that he helps his brother with Marrs construction, the family business.

From what we can tell, Dave Marrs rumored Twin Brother Matt isn’t interested in featuring on television. He is much more content to linger in the shadows, supporting his brother behind the scenes.

However, the jury is still out on whether Matt will ever make an appearance on the series as he hasn’t ruled it out completely. With the fourth season in the works, fans are eager to see whether Dave’s brother will finally make his reality tv debut.

Image of Matt Marrs

Matt and Dave Marrs are close.

A look at Dave’s Instagram page shows that the two are friends, on top of being brothers. They have been photographed at several football matches in Kansas City.

The most recent post was a picture of the two brothers at a Chief’s game. At the time, their team was playing against the Minnesota Vikings. Another reflection of the close nature of their relationship is the fact that both worked in the same family construction business.

Other than that, Matt also fully supports his brother’s philanthropic ventures. For instance, there are several photos of him in a Berry Farm cap. As we mentioned before, the farm was set up as a way of supporting children in need across Africa.

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