Bristol and Aubrey Marunde Net Worth, Kids, Wiki Biography.

Bristol and Aubrey Marunde are the co-hosts of the HGTV show Flip or Flop Vegas, and the duo shares a healthy marital relationship. Bristol comes from a martial arts background, and he is currently in the Welterweight division. His ambition towards sports fighting began in 2005. However, due to his involvement with multiple contracts and projects about home improvement and renovation, he isn’t much success in his profession as an MMA artist.

On the other hand, Aubrey is a tv professional and the co-host of Flip or Flop. This HGTV show is all about real estate and interior designing.

They sometimes buy an old asset with cash before seeing it, during auctions, then try to flip it after doing some work on the designs and decorations. In addition to making old homes look good, she also saves the community from purchasing a brand-new house, which would cost a lot.

This article will discuss Bristol and Aubrey’s relationship, net worth, kids, and more.

Bristol and Aubrey Marunde on HGTV show

Their career as HGTV hosts started in 2017 when they got the opportunity to host Flip or Flop Vegas. It was the spin-off of the original Flip or Flop show. In the show, they buy the houses in Las Vegas, Nevada area, renovate them and flip them for profits.

Love Life and Marriage

Bristol and Aubrey first met in Las Vegas and started dating in 2009. They were enjoying a lovely relationship. In 2015, they decided to turn their happy relationship into married life.

Aubrey Marunde in wedding dress with her husband, Bristol
Aubrey Marunde with her husband, Bristol


Although Bristol and Aubrey were married in 2015, they have got only two children so far. Their eldest child is Kale Marunde, and the younger one is named Kane Marunde.

Aubrey Marunde with her husband, Bristol and kids
Aubrey Marunde with her husband, Bristol, and her kids

Aubrey Marunde Hearth Attack and Current Health Update

Rumors were suggesting Aubrey Marunde getting a heart attack and that she performed major surgery. However, there is no supporting evidence to back this claim, even to this day. Furthermore, we know that Aubrey had a cheerleading team in her younger days and maintains good care of her body and her health. Due to lack of evidence, we have to assume that this rumor is fake. Her recent social media posts and pictures suggest that she is totally healthy now.


Bristol Marunde was born on 20th April 1982. This makes him 39 years old currently. His wife Aubrey doesn’t share or talk about her age in media. However, we found out that she was born in 1983. This makes her 40 years old and also slightly older than her husband.

Net Worth

Bristol has an estimated net worth of 2 million dollars, whereas his wife Aubrey Marunde is worth $3 million in 2021. Together, they have 5 million dollars. Though they are rich enough to spend a fortune to buy stupidly pricey clothing, they save almost eighty percent of their shopping expense by going the second-hand route. It helps to keep the environment clean while saving their wealth. Over the year, these tiny financial decisions have landed the couple over $5 million in fortune in this day.

About Bristol

Bristol is the husband of Aubrey Marunde. He was born on 20th April 1982 in Fairbanks, Alaska. He grew up in Sequim, Washington, after he moved there, with his parents. Bristol is a professional sports fighter.

He mentions his early life and how his brother Jesse Marunde inspired him to join MMA. Subsequently, Bristol started preparing to become a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He climbed the ranks faster than other fighters there. In addition, he played as a UFC fighter in April 2003.

After his massive success, he fought against Julian Lane and George Lockhart. As expected of him, he defeated them both and won The Ultimate Fighter challenge.

His debut for Welterweight Championship for MMA on April 6, 2014, ended up in his victory. There, he defeated Iam Williams. After countless wins and victories, he got a severe jaw injury. It turns out Bristol has his jaw bone broken. After that, he joined his wife’s show. There he performed demolition works needed for a complete house overhaul.

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