How Old is Fixer to Fabulous Joe Looney? Wife and Everything About Him.

Joe Looney is a skilled carpenter and firefighter who is most recognized for being the dad of Chase Lonney, a “Fixer to Fabulous” star. Though many of you may not know Joe Looney by his name, he is the man who always accompanied Chase during his woodwork.

So, Joe Lonney is a secret Fixer to Fabulous star who helped the hosts, Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs, with their renovation projects in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Now, let’s get to know Mr. Lonney better from this article. Here is all about his bio, including his wife and children.

Who is Joe Looney? His Age and Bio

Joe Looney is a talented carpenter, probably in his late 60s. As some online portals claim his age to be 64 in 2021, we assume his exact age is 65, and he was born in 1957.

Likewise, he celebrated his birthday on 2nd July, according to his son, Chase Lonney Facebook post. Joe was born and raised in Bentonville and began his career as a firefighter right after completing his education.

Image of Joe Looney

He served decades in the fire department and often took his son on the mission. Likewise, as Joe was also interested in wood crafting, he later opened his own carpentry business, Joe Looney Interior and Exterior Carpentry Co.

Joe Looney’s Wife and Children

Lonney has a beautiful family with his wife. Though Mrs. Lonney’s name and other details are off the record, we are confident that she and Joe have been happily married for decades now.

Image of Chase Looney father Joe Looney with his grand Kids

The pair has only one child, Chase Lonney; most of you know him very well. As the only child, Chase got all the attention of his parents. Joe and Chase share an extraordinary bond as Chase, so his son leaves no opportunity to thank this dad for all the great memories and things Joe taught him.

On Joe’s birthday, Chase once wrote,

“It’s always been you and I at the job site or the fire department together, from the age of 8 to well now. I remember you taking me to calls in your Fire Chief truck. Our memories together include countless hours I spent just hanging out in your office at the fire department, even lifting weights with you and all the other firefighters on your shift.”

Likewise, Joe also taught his son carpentry skills. So, we can say that Chase’s successful career in both fields is highly influenced by his father, Joe.

Is Joe Looney Still on Fixer to Fabulous?

Image of Joe Looney and Chase Looney

While Chase Lonney has left the show, we are unsure about Joe. Though he does not appear as much as before, he is still on the show.

Also, as there has not been any official announcement about his departure, we assume he is only occasionally involved. However, the father-son helped the Marrs couple in most of their wood projects, and the audience loved seeing their talent.

Image of Chase Looney, His father, Joe Looney and fixer to fabulous cast Dave and Jenny Marrs

Some “Fixer to Fabulous” viewers even demanded a spinoff entirely on the Lonneys. Joe is everyone’s favorite and most respected older adult on the program.

Once, he surprised the host’s little daughter Charlotte with a beautiful birthday present, and Dave could not help posting the video on his social media.

“This is the Joe Looney I know and love.. I know him as a kind, generous man that will do anything for kids and animals! Thanks for making a little girl’s dream come true yesterday Joe!” wrote Dave.

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