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Vern Yip is a professional interior designer and television celebrity. He has appeared on the 4th season of Trading Spaces, which airs on the TLC channel.

Yip is famous for his designs which always include candles, flowers, and silk cloth. In addition, he is also one of the judges on the show Design Star.

Moreover, Vern is also the host of Deserving Design, a series he has worked on for the past four seasons. He also stars in the HGTV special, Urban Oasis, where he created the design for the Chicago loft at the Trump International Hotel.

Vern Yip Wiki Biography

Vern Yip was originally from Hong Kong. Additionally, he was born in June 1968. The Yip family moved to the United States when Vern was a young boy.

He went to high school at McLean High School in northern Virginia. Later on, he studied at the University of Virginia, graduating with a double major in Economics and Physics.

His double major diploma did not quench his thirst for knowledge. And so he took another course in masters in management and architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In 2001, the TLC channel offered him a job as the host of Trading Spaces. He hosted the show until 2007. From 2007 to 2009, Vern appeared on the show Deserving Design. In 2009, Vern landed the job on the show Bang Your Buck, which he hosted until 2012.

In addition, Yip also appeared as the judge on HGTV’s Design Star from 2006 to 2012. Other shows he has worked on are Urban Oasis, Home and Family, Live! With Kelly, HGTV Shutdown, Family, First Time Design, and Good Day Live.

Who Is Vern Yip Partner? Married To Wife Or Dating A Girlfriend?

Vern Yip does not have a wife or a girlfriend. This is because he has been very open about being gay. He does not hide the fact that he is married and has a husband.

Vern’s husband is Craig Koch, an entrepreneur and the owner CEO of the company WAG-A-LOT. The couple has a son named Gavin Joshua Mannox, who was born in 2010. Their second child is a daughter named Vera Lillian Beatrix, born in 2011.

Vern Yip with his husband, Craig Koch and children
A professional interior designer, Vern Yip with his husband, Craig Koch, and his children

Net Worth

Vern Yip is a designer with a staggering net worth valued at $3 million. Another significant source of income comes from the salary he receives while working on multiple television shows.

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