Who Are Karen Laine Children? 4 Children from 2 Spouses.

Karen Laine is a renowned television celebrity who is also a lawyer and entrepreneur in real life. She is known for her shows Brother vs. Brother and Good Bones. Her daughter Mina Starsiak appears with her on Good Bones. The duo renovates and rehabilitates dilapidated homes across Indiana through their business Two Chicks And A Hammer. The company has been around since 2008, but Karen and Mina only started appearing on television in 2016. Read to know about Karen Laine Children.Karen

Karen Laine Wiki

Karen Laine is a native of Richmond, Indiana. Her birthdate is August 8, 1962. She studied law at the University of Indiana. Her career as a lawyer was a successful one, and she served as a defense attorney. In 2008, Karen and her daughter Mina ventured into the construction business. They established Two Chicks and A Hammer. The idea for the company was materialized after Karen and helped out in the renovation of Mina’s house. She realized that they could easily establish a business out of renovating homes.

In 2016, the mother and daughter tandem made it to television with their show entitled Good Bones. Karen’s son Tad Starsiak also appears on the show with other cast members Austin Aynes and Cory Miller. In addition, Karen has also appeared as a judge on the reality TV show Brother vs. Brother. In 2019, Karen Laine announced that she would be stepping down from their business Two Chicks and A Hammer. However, she will still be appearing on the show Good Bones but only in minor projects.


Karen Laine is presently in her fourth marriage. She has been married three times in the past. Her first husband was Casey Starsiak, an orthopedic surgeon. They eventually divorced, and Karen remarried. A man named Randy was her second husband. The marriage also ended up in divorce, and soon Karen remarried to a man named Mick. Her marriage to Mick was not a successful one either. It was in 2017 when Karen Laine finally met her fourth husband, Roger. The marriage with Roger has remained strong until this day.

Karen Laine with her husband, Kaise Starsiak
Karen Laine with her Ex-husband, Kaise Starsiak


Karen Laine has four children in total from all of her marriages. She has three kids with her first husband, Casey Starsiak. Mina, CR, and William are the names of their kids. She also has a daughter named Cheryl from her second husband, Randy. Today, Karen Laine is a doting grandmother to her grandchildren.

Karen Laine with her daughter, Mina Starsiak
Karen Laine with her daughter, Mina Starsiak

Net Worth

The net worth of Karen Laine is $1.5 million. Her primary sources of income are her television shows and her business Two Chicks and A Hammer.

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