Unsellable House Cast Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb Net Worth, Husband, Wiki

Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb are businesswomen, real estate consultants, and TV personalities. As realtors, they have developed a unique skill when it comes to flipping properties once deemed unsellable.

Lyndsay and Leslie find homeowners needing help and fixing every problem they find before selling the renovated properties.

Their expertise and popularity eventually paved the way for television. This came in the form of the show titled ‘Unsellable House.’ The series airs on HGTV.

You should know everything about Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb, including their net worth and wiki.

Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb’s Popularity on Unsellable House.

Image of Unsellable Houses' cast members, Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb
Unsellable Houses’ cast members, Leslie Davis, and Lyndsay Lamb

Unsellable House is a reality show that follows the professional life of two sisters, Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb.

They are DIY experts who are known for putting their money where their mouth is. This is to say that they put up their own money to ensure that every project is complete.

After the renovation process is done, Leslie and Lyndsay will display the previously unsellable house to attract new buyers.

Selling properties, they have renovated the sisters to recover their initial investment. Furthermore, they even split the profits they make with the owners of the house. Unsellable House initially premiered on the 14th of May 2019. So far, the show has been on the air for two seasons, releasing a total of 24 episodes.

The third season of the show is set to air in 2022. If that’s not enough, sources also say that showrunners ordered an additional 30 episodes.

This means that we are guaranteed up to four seasons at the very least. Judging from a few fan comments, it is evident that Lyndsay is the more popular twin. Some find Leslie too abrasive and talkative.

Is Unsellable House Cast Leslie Davis married to a husband?

Image of Leslie Davis with his husband, Jacob Davis
Leslie Davis with his husband, Jacob Davis

Leslie is a married woman. Her husband is a man named Jacob Davis. In her bio, Leslie revealed that she and her partner had been together for almost 20 years. They tied the knot in May 2002, in a small ceremony without any media attention.

Back then, she and her twin sister were not famous yet. In her two-decade marriage, Leslie has had three children, all boys.

These are Cole, Cash, and Kyler Davis. Leslie and her spouse, Jacob, are active community members. Moreover, they participate in several non-profit works around the area.

Is Unsellable House star Lyndsay Lamb Married to a husband?

Image of Lyndsay Lamb with her husband, Justin Lamb
Lyndsay Lamb with her husband, Justin Lamb

Like her twin sister, Lyndsay is also a married woman. In contrast, however, details surrounding Lamb’s marriage are scarce. All we know is that her husband’s name is Justin, and the pair of them have been together for decades.

They even have a son together; a boy named Miles. In 2013, the family was hit hard with tragedy. Miles was diagnosed with cancer, prompting Lyndsay to step back from her work. Her sister Leslie stepped in to keep Lyndsay’s business afloat while she cared for her son. Sources say that Leslie even got her real estate license in order to manage her sister’s company effectively.

Fortunately, Miles was able to beat cancer after a year of treatment. Presently, the family enjoys spending time at the beach with their dog, Remo.

Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb’s net worth

Lyndsay and Leslie are the proprietors of Lamb & Co, an American Real Estate Company. Reports suggest that they have renovated and sold about 170 different homes across the country.

This generated about $2 million in profits. In addition to this, the company also gets a 3% commission every time they make a sale.

Their business took a slight hit in 2020 after the COVID 19 Pandemic took a turn for the worse. Long before she was flipping houses, Lyndsay was prominent in the world of Marketing, which helped set the foundation for her net worth.

She reportedly worked as a marketing director at a prestigious firm before she started Lamb Real Estate in 2009.

Leslie, on the other hand, worked in a National Food Brokerage Company. For nearly a decade, she operated in Franchise Sales, enabling her to boost her bank account.

Other than this, Leslie also worked as a real estate transaction coordinator. It was a position that gave her the experience she needed to launch her own real estate firm.

Examining their work in television, we learned that both Leslie and Lyndsay earned an impressive $10,000 per episode.

This implies that they have each made over $200,000 from their time on the show. As of 2022, Leslie Davis’ estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

In contrast, Lyndsay Lamb is reportedly worth $1 million. Both their finances are set to improve once business picks up again.

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