Nicole Curtis Wikipedia: Net Worth, Spouse, Age 

Nicole Curtis is a TV personality widely known for her renovation shows in HGTV. She is the host and producer of Rehab Addict, a reality series in DIY Network and HGTV. Her new series named Rehab Addict Rescue is currently airing. Read this to know Nicole Curtis Wikipedia bio including net worth, age, and measurement.

Nicole is a self-learned interior designer and renovation expert. She finds brilliant ways to restore old houses and apartments and focuses on reducing the costs as much as possible by recycling old items. With the method, most of the original structure remains intact.

In a sense, she keeps the spirit of the old houses alive and the renovation budget low. It is a good deal for both parties involved. Today, we discuss her Wikipedia, net worth, spouse, and age.

Nicole Curtis Wikipedia

Nicole Curtis is originally from Detroit. She loves construction, and that is what she does for a living. After her first TV show, she got back to Detroit and started renovating more old homes.

We should not forget how she started, especially amidst her current successful career. With no support from her family and unstable relationships, most of her life was challenging. Nicole had to hustle hard during her college days.

Then due to pregnancy, she left her studies and was raising a child alone. The interior designer worked as a house cleaner in the beginning. After the economy crashed, she moved to a new city to search for new opportunities. That was when she started her reconstruction works.

Nicole started hosting theTV show ‘Rehab Addict back in 2009. She momentarily had an antique business and eventually transitioned to interior designing.

A real estate agent license holder, she also runs a successful business for old home restoration. She started renovating houses in Minneapolis currently operating in Detroit and Ohio as well. Nicole Curtis Wikipedia page does not exist.

Nicole Curtis Left the Show for her Kids

Nicole Curtis had her first child, Ethan, when she was pursuing her degree. With the second child, she started facing difficulty managing her schedules. It was just the beginning.

Due to dangerous substances like lead and other possible toxins present in her work fields, she got restrictions preventing her from taking children to her workplaces. And as she had busy schedules, she had to leave the shows to spend much-needed time with her children.

Being a single parent, raising her kids was challenging. After her divorce, she had to fight to get custody rights for her second child. Recently the court ruled that it would be joint custody.

Nicole Curtis with her children
A TV personality, Nicole Curtis with her children

Nicole Curtis’s Spouse and Relationship Timeline

Nicole Curtis was first married to Steve Lane. With Steve, she had her first child Ethan Lane. However, they shortly divorced in 2009.

The responsibility of her child amidst her busy schedules made her drop out of University. She had a tough time with her cleaning business, and shortly, the economy also crashed. It forced her to apply for a different job.

Following her first divorce, she got into a relationship with Shane Maguire. Her relationship was not stable, but she had a second child with Shane. As she was not happy with the relationship, they had to break up soon. Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire had a legal dispute regarding the custody of her second child, Harper, which got settled recently.

Being single with her kids, she got into a relationship yet again with Ryan Sawtelle. Ryan is the executive director of the White Heart Foundation. She has been dating Ryan since 2018. It seems like Nicole Curtis finally got herself into a stable relationship.

Nicole Curtis and her Ex-husband, Shane Maguire
Nicole Curtis and her Ex-husband, Shane Maguire

Net Worth.

Nicole Curtis has been quite successful with her career. She has an estimated net worth of $10 million in 2021. She derives most of the income from her TV shows, Nicole Curtis Design Company, and her career in interior designing.

How Old is Nicole Curtis?

Nicole Curtis was born on August 20, 1976. As of 2021, the Leo-born TV star is 45 years old.

Parents and Family

Nicole Curtis Parents are Joanie Curtis and Rod Curtis. She does not have a good relationship with her parents or her brother Ryan Curtis. Her childhood at Lake Orion, Michigan, went quite well. However, due to family issues, she had to hustle a lot and had a hard time. She would rather not talk about her family.

Back in 2015, the court ruled out a request for personal protection for Nicole due to harassment and threatening calls. It was a request from her mother, Joanie Curtis, and it was also the last time they saw each other.

Height and Measurements

Nicole Curtis stands about 1.6m high. The interior designer weighs 49kg/ 108lbs.

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