Erin Napier talks about the most important advice she received from her mother

Erin Napier is a businesswoman, tv personality, and designer who works on home renovations. Before finding fame on HGTV’s Hometown, Erin was employed as a graphic designer at an American company.

Moreover, Erin and her husband Ben are also the proud owners of Laurel Mercantile Co, a company based in their hometown. On top of being a successful entrepreneur, Erin is also a published author.

Image of Erin Napier Mother Karen Rasberry

This year, she released the best-selling book, ‘The Lantern House.’ Most recently, Erin Napier addressed all the crucial lessons she had learned from her mum over the years.

She uses lessons from her childhood in her work

Erin Napier is a television and social media star with over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. The HGTV audience will be aware of the commitment and dedication Erin puts into every project.

Erin uses her vast experience in design to come up with new concepts that reflect the homeowners’ needs and desires. Moreover, there is always a functionality to all the renovations she makes, as her work is not just for show.

Erin makes sure that the houses she fixes up will add value to her clients’ lives. The idea of always staying true to herself is a mantra she picked up when she was growing up.

Erin learned how to parent from her mom

In an interview, Erin revealed that she picked up a few key lessons by observing her mother as a kid. She said that though they often argued, her mother usually let her make mistakes, which served as opportunities to learn.

Image of Erin Napier with her Mother Karen Rasberry

These lessons stuck with Erin well into her adult years, molding her into the mother she is today. Erin talked about giving her kids the chance to make their own decisions like she had when she was their age.

Her mother encouraged her to try new things.

Erin’s mother, Karen Rasberry, was quite the athlete growing up. In fact, Erin revealed that Karen was the cheerleading captain during her high-school days.

As such, it came as little surprise when Karen encouraged Erin to join her school’s cheerleading team. Unlike her mother, however, Erin did not enjoy cheering as much.

Once she made her feelings clear, Erin’s mother did not push the issue. All she wanted was for her daughter to try out a few new things to broaden her horizon.

It was this attitude that eventually led Erin to discover a passion for both design and music. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Erin’s mother was also in attendance whenever she played a show at a local spot.

She gave Erin great advice before she joined HGTV

Television wasn’t a career path Erin was particularly keen on at first. Unsurprisingly, she reached out to her mother, who was quick to remind her daughter to open herself to new opportunities.

Other than that, Karen also reiterated the importance of staying true to herself, which helped Erin and Ben structure their reality show.

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