Tom Silva Net Worth, Age, Wife, Daughter

Tom Silva is an expert contractor who is also a part of the show This Old House. He has been part of the home improvement series since 1986.

In 2002, Tom also worked on the spin-off, Ask This Old House. In addition, he is also the co-owner of Silva Brothers Construction based in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Tom Silva Net Worth

Currently, Tom Silva’s net worth is reported to be $5 million. He makes his money from his award-winning television shows. In addition, he also generates significant revenue from his construction company, Silva Brothers Construction.

Sources say that he co-owns the establishment with his brothers and nephew. Moreover, Silva is also a contributor to This Old House Magazine. As an experienced contractor, he lends his expert advice to several publications associated with this venture.

Roger also boosts his bank account through his published book, Homeowner’s Manual: Advice On Maintaining Your Home.

Tom Silva from “This Old House” Wife

Tom is married to Susan; she has been his wife for more than 30 years. It is hard to find a blissful marriage amongst celebrities, but somehow, the Silvas make it work.

Today, the couple has two kids. There are no other details about the Silva family as Tom prefers to keep his kids and wife away from the limelight.

Daughter And Other Kids

Tom and Susan have a son and daughter. The name of their son is not known. However, their daughter’s identity was revealed when she was featured on their show.

Tom’s daughter, Kate Silva, and her fiancé Jay were on the market for a new home in Boston. Being the expert, Tom helped them choose the perfect home.

He picked a modest home built in the 1950s that was conveniently located close to his house. Tom renovated the house entirely for his daughter and her future husband.

Tom Silva with his children
An expert contractor, Tom Silva, with his daughter, kate, and other children

How Old Is Tom Silva

Tom Silva was born on January 17, 1947. This means that he is 74 years old as of 2021. Even if he is already in his 70s, Tom is still very active and agile for his age. His excellent state of health is due to his healthy lifestyle.


Tom grew up in the construction business. His father owned a successful construction company, and the young Tom helped his dad in his projects.

The installation of a 1787 fallout shelter’s basement was the first significant project he worked on with his father. Most of the work was done by hand, and it took them two years to complete it.

At that point, Tom decided that he also wanted to get into a career in construction like his dad. Eventually, he established Silva Brothers Construction together with his father Tom and brother Richard. Their company constructed the set of The Victory Garden show.

The creator of This Old House, Russell Morash, decided to hire them to be part of his show after seeing the excellent work they did in restoring an 1845 Greek-style house.

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