Dave Marrs weight loss: How Fixer To Fabulous star Dropped 15 Pounds.

Dave Marrs is a talented craftsman whose skills are frequently on display on HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous. He teams up with his wife, Jenny, to acquire and renovate dilapidated properties across the Arkansas area.

In addition to this, Dave is also a prominent businessman in the area. He and his family run Marrs Developing, a construction company that operates within their hometown.

Fixer and Fabulous initially premiered in 2017, which means that Dave and his wife have been on the air for the past five years. Being public figures meant that they must keep up appearances, which explains why Dave lost weight recently.

Dave Marrs weight loss

Back in January 2022, fans started noticing that Dave had dropped a decent amount of weight. He went from having a stereotypical ‘dad bod’ to looking slightly thinner on screen.

At the time, sources say that he had dropped at least 15 pounds. Most of the concern stemmed from a worry that Dave might have been sick at the time of filming.

The concern wasn’t unfounded, particularly as several illnesses could potentially lead to a drop in weight. Another possible explanation was that Marrs had decided to shave off the extra weight to lead a healthier lifestyle.

After all, he is a father of five young children who constantly keep him on his toes! Moreover, as we mentioned before, being a reality tv personality means that you have to stay in shape for the cameras. Before his weight loss journey, it was reported that Dave weighed about 190 pounds.

How did he lose weight?

Dave Marrs’ weight loss journey can mainly be broken into two elements. The first is diet; to lose weight, Marrs had to change his diet.

This meant eating more healthy food like fruits, and vegetables, and adopting a high protein diet. Decreasing his overall calorie intake helped Dave shed the extra fat he had accumulated over the years.

Dave Marrs Weight Loss Detail

Adopting a healthy diet also means cutting out foods that are not only high in carbs but sugars as well. The latter could refer to several things, ranging from fizzy drinks like sodas to snacks like chocolates.

Aside from changing his diet, Dave additionally started exercising frequently. Moreover, he is a carpenter who regularly does grueling and tiring work. Over time, his routine helped him shed off the extra weight.

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