Leanne Ford’s Husband Erik Allen Ford and Kids

Leanne Ford is a television celebrity and a professional interior designer. She first became famous for her work restoring a 19th-century schoolhouse in her hometown. Her exemplary work paved the way for her television career.

Leanne is now the host of Restored By The Fords on HGTV. She co-hosts the show with her sibling, Steve Ford. The Ford siblings travel around Pittsburgh to renovate old homes and make them more liveable and pleasing to the eye.

Leanne Ford’s designs have been published in Martha Stewart, Architectural Digest, and The New York Times.

Leanne Ford and Husband Erik Allen Ford’s Love Life

Restored by the Fords cast Leanne was first introduced to Erik Allen at a bonfire that she hosted in her backyard in 2015. It was only in 2016 that Leanne and Erik finally became a couple. Afterward, they shared the news on their Instagram accounts by sharing a photo of one another.

The Wedding       

Leanne and Erik dated for two years before tying the knot. While dating, the two of them collaborated on various projects. One of their collaborations was the Buck Mason project.

She helped Erik design the stores for Buck Mason, a men’s wear brand that he co-owns. In addition, Leanne also designed her home for Erik. She considered it a massive milestone in their relationship.

In November 2017, the couple suddenly decided to tie the knot out of the blue. They called all their families and friends to announce their upcoming nuptials.

In just a matter of four days, the couple organized and executed their intimate wedding on November 12, 2017. Erik took Leanne’s family name and became Erik Allen Ford. The newlyweds spent their honeymoon in Fiji.

Leanne Ford with her husband, Erik Allen
Television celebrity Jeanne Ford and her husband, Erik Allen

Who Is Erik Allen Ford?

Erik Allen Ford is a designer but not of homes. He is a designer of clothes. Erik created the men’s clothing brand called Buck Mason. It was established in 2013 and is co-owned by Sasha Koehn. Erik created Buck Mason’s first collection. It was mostly a collection of shirts and jeans.


Leanne announced in 2018 that she is expecting a baby. On March 18, 2019, she gave birth to her daughter, Ever Allen Ford. Leanne spent a few months off from work to spend time with her newborn baby.

Leanne Ford with her newborn baby
Professional interior designer, Leanne Ford with her newborn baby

Leanne’s First husband and Failed Marriage

Leanne used to be married to Brad Shaffer, a former creative director of American Eagle Outfitters. They met through her brother Steve who was a good friend of Brad. Leanne and Brad got married on July 3, 2010.

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