Ants in House: How to Get Rid of Tiny Ants in Kitchen, Kitchen Sink.

3. Use Anti-ant Substances

If you have already sealed off the entry points and still see ants roaming around, you can employ various methods to wipe them off. Some substances that can be useful for this pursuit are pepper, cinnamon, salt, boric acid, and other chemicals.

Before using any of these ant deterrents, make sure to keep the effects of chemicals out of reach from children and pets. These substances might be harmful to the tender eyes and skin of children.

After you make a water solution of any of the substances mentioned above, spray them generously around your living spaces where ant frequency is high. If you see trails and entry points, you can wipe all the ants at once by using boric acid and other solutions.

Another important place to disinfect is the corners. You can make use of cotton balls that are drenched in ant deterrents. Just soak them up and place them in front of corners and gaps around the kitchen. The smell and aura of the ant deterrents will decrease the frequency of ants roaming around.

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