10 most expensive Hotels in the World: The price per night will break your bank.

What makes a hotel expensive?

Just like houses, there are several things that can make one hotel more expensive than the other. Decades ago, hotels were nothing more than a room, a bed, and television if you were lucky. Today, however, several amenities have been thrown into the mix.

Some hotel rooms will be self-contained, with refrigerators, coffee makers and flatscreens, and even free wi-fi. Unsurprisingly, these rooms will cost you more than rooms that come without any amenities.

Aside from the amenities, you’d find indoors, some hotels will also come with outdoor facilities like swimming pools, fully equipped gyms, expansive dining areas, and around-the-clock concierge services.

Places like this will probably require thousands of dollars to book per night. Much like houses, the value of a hotel will also increase depending on the location.

Hotels in exotic regions like Hawaii, Bora Bora, and Paris will generally cost more than places in normal cities. Finally, some hotel chains have created a luxury brand/identity in their institutions.

Having listed several factors that increase the price of hotels, read through the list of the priciest hotels around.

  1. The Royal Suite ($40,000)

Image of The Royal Suite
The Royal Suite is a three-bedroom suite with royalty-inspired interior

Last on our list is the Royal Suite, which is priced at $40,000 for every night guests want to spend. This suite can be found at the Plaza, which is also located in New York.

In general, the suite is spread across 400 square feet, boasting 3 rooms, a washroom, a gym, and a dining area that is large enough for 12 people.

Other than that, guests can also expect white-glove butler service, a fully operational chef’s kitchen, and a state-of-the-art electronic control room.

This will help you regulate the lighting and the climate in the room. Because the suite is so big, you’ll need a lift to get around easily and access all the facilities on offer.

As far as guests are concerned, the Royal Suite is a room that is often booked for large families looking for a getaway. Additionally, it has even played host to a few heads of state.

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