Is John Colaneri Married to wife or gay? Wikipedia biography

John Colaneri, co-host of the HGTV’s flaming show Kitchen Cousins, is a well-known TV personality. He has featured in many shows, including Chill & Grill, ManuScript, and America’s Most Desperate Kitchens. Further, his frequent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show has made him quite popular among Ellen fans.

Aside from his TV persona, he is a media influencer on YouTube, where he uploads fitness-related videos. John holds a real estate license and spends his time giving new life to the old infrastructures through his Lilyshea Development LLC company.

His New Jersey-based company deals with high-end home makeovers as well as redesigning. Recently, gay rumors have started floating around this pro renovator. So, is John Colaneri married to his wife or gay? Let’s find out.

John Colaneri is Married to his Wife Jennifer Walker.

Hearing about the rumors of him being gay, you may wonder if it’s coming from his alleged relationship status. However, that is not true. John is currently enjoying his life with his wife and two daughters.

John Colaneri with his wife and kids
John Colaneri with his wife, Jennifer Walker, and daughters

HGTV star John has a wife, Jennifer Walker. On June 22 in Newport, Rhode Island, the duo exchanged wedding vows and recently celebrated the 8th wedding anniversary.  However, they currently reside with their family in New Jersey.

John Colaneri gay rumors

His gay rumors started due to his HGTV shows. John Colaneri, with his cousin Anthony Carrino, hosted many TV shows.

Cousins Undercover, Kitchen Cousins, and Cousins on Calls get the most attention from his viewers. They have been seen being quite friendly, and the duo spent a long time together on the shows.

John Colaneri with his cousin Anthony Carrino
John Colaneri, with his cousin Anthony Carrino

Due to this, the brotherly bonds between them are sometimes perceived as romantic by the viewers, searching for some interesting story.

However, John Colaneri is engaged with his wife and has two wonderful daughters- Lilyan Belle and Shea Logan. His long-lasting relationship and eight years of happy marriage disprove any gay rumors floating around the internet.

John Colaneri wiki biography

John’s story started when he was born in New Jersey, on March 6, 1981. He completed his primary education at Ramapo High School.

He was pretty good at his studies, and his high school life ended in 1999. Then, he quickly enrolled at Penn State University for graduation.

While there, he studied Labor and Industrial Relations and did a minor in business management. This got him a Bachelor’s Degree. In the beginning, he got an excellent job in Fortune 500 company, Fisher Scientific.

Later he got a better job at Faital S.P.A. and shifted there. His job at Faital was going quite well. However, he thought that job just wasn’t cutting it. He wanted to do business and earn a fortune.

His aspirations led him to manage his family business. After learning the trade, John became the project manager for a construction firm. That’s where he got to know his cousin, Anthony Carrino, closely.

John had worked in his uncle’s company for many years. The company was Prismatic Development, and John’s experiences in construction, redesigning, and much-needed business skills came from there.

Furthermore, he handled senior managerial positions for multiple construction companies for years, an essential aspect of John’s life. The experience he gained was about to shape his entire future.

Acknowledging John’s mastery in designing, HGTV offered him and his cousin an offer. This offer to host their show on HGTV was not something they could turn down.

And from then, John’s entire life turned upside down. John became a TV star, with each show reaching the top ranks in popularity and ratings.  The duo hosted more shows under Ellen’s digital team.

Starting with Grand Design’s popularity, they did another show named The Build Up in 2019, which became equally popular. Popularly usually invites controversy, and in the case of these cousins, it came in the shape of gay rumors.

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