Are Hilary Farr and Husband Gordon Farr Still Married?

We know Hilary Farr from her show ‘Love It or List It,‘ which airs in HGTV. She is a designer, tv host, actress, and businesswoman. With the help of co-host David Visentin, she manages the show with a unique approach.

In ‘Love it or List it,’ there is a simple choice- whether to leave the house or turn it into a home. If the couples decide they will live in the existing home, then Hilary and the team decorate it.

The tug of war between Hilary’s home renovation and David selling a new house to the couple makes the show interesting. In addition to her marital relationship with Gordon, many have speculated an affair between Hilary and David as well. Is there any truth behind it? In this article, we discuss Hilary’s love life, husband, kids, and more.

Hilary Farr and Husband Gordon’s Love Life and Divorce. 

In 1982, Hilary and Gordon got married. The couple enjoyed a good relationship in warm companionship till their divorce in 2008. In that time, they had a son. His name is Josh Farr. And they have three grandchildren as well.

Before Hilary met Gordon, she was spending her time in the west coast area. There, she continued her interior designing related works, which uplifted the living experience of many people.

During her works, she managed to get clients looking to make their living spaces better. During this time, Hilary had the opportunity to meet Hilary for the first time. He was nice and charming, so they started dating.

Time flies by when you’re in love, and that same love ends up bonding the couple into a romantic relationship. They married in the lavish setting in Los Angeles.

Even though they were in deep love at the time, love dies. Their intimate relation drenched in deep love turned into utter dismay. Hilary and Gordon had a horrible divorce, and they could never again live the same way. It left Hilary in a state of bitterness and resentment.

About Hillary Farr’s Husband Gordon Farr

Gordon Farr is a producer and TV star of American origin. He was born in August 7th, 1995, in the United States.

His fame has reached every household, and his outstanding performance got him up to the Emmy Awards nomination. Gordon got recognition through his contributions in the film industry as a producer of various tv-series and movies as well.

He has performed a great job in the field of comedic tv series. The tv personality’s fame increased, even more when he married Hilary Farr.

Gordon Farr, Ex-husband of Hilary Farr
Gordon Farr, Ex-husband of Hilary Farr

He has been very energetic since his early days. When he was in Shasta High School for his primary education, he became a star player.

Nowadays, he actively involves in singing and dancing, but he finds the most joy in playing instruments. We can find him active on social media. Being close to his family, he frequently uploads pictures with his mother and also entertains fans from this social media.  Moreover, he spends most of his leisure time watching baseball.


Hilary has only one son, Josh Farr, and he is doing great growing up. After her divorce in 2008, the single mother took good care of her son.

Hilary Farr son, Josh Farr with his children
Hilary Farr son, Josh Farr with his children

Relationship rumors with David Visentin

David Visentin is a real estate expert working as a co-host at the Love It or List It show. He has been married to his lovely wife, Krista, ever since 2006.

Know that David and Hilary met for the first time in 2008 before they got selected for the show. You may wonder why is a rumor spreading about a married man, and your curiosity is equally valid here. They share a fascinating history that you may find hard to believe.

Hilary Farr with her rumored boyfriend, David Visentin
Hilary Farr and David Visentin

So, it all started back when they were getting selected for the crew. First, Hilary was selected, and then David was selected to be a match for Hilary.

We can say the rumors started from the moment they met, as their meeting was a consequence of pairing. Everyone thought David complemented Hilary perfectly.

The show then goes on to deepen their relationship. Whatever the original motive was, the viewers can’t help but wonder what they’re like in private life. In the show, they get competitive and sometimes even get angry at each other.

Hilary has always seen Visentin as her friend and sometimes even a brother. As some speculate, they don’t share a romantic relationship.

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