How to Get Rid of Ants in Bathroom? DIY Steps Recommended by Experts.

Ants love creating their base in moist and dark spaces. Thus, bathrooms can be a perfect place for an ant infestation. The humidity, smell of soap & perfumes, and the puddles are a treat to these tiny creatures.

Eradicating ants from a bathroom is a daunting job. Thus, this article aims to provide simple blueprints on how to get rid of ants in the Bathroom.

Why are there Ants in the Bathroom?

Image of Ants in the Bathroom toilet
Ants in the Bathroom toilet

Bathrooms are a place filled with chemical containers, soaps, stagnant water, and moisture. Many of the 12k species of ants are attracted to moist and humid conditions. In addition, they are attracted to the chemical odor of the shampoo and soap containers.

For many species of ants, moist conditions near a water and food source are a perfect place for making nests. These ant infestations are extremely common in summer when many ants go through reproductive stages. However, ant infestations can happen anytime throughout the year.

Another reason ants appear in the Bathroom is the presence of cracks and voids in the walls and marbles of the toilet. These cracks make up a perfect pathway for ants to travel and take over the Bathroom. These are some common reasons why ants appear in the Bathroom.

Types of Ants that appear in the Bathroom.

  • Sugar Ants in the Bathroom

Image of a Sugar ant with a grain of sugar
Sugar ant with a grain of sugar

Sugar ants are black/dark red in color. They are completely harmless and travel through cracks in walls or wood. These ants are also habituated to creating nesting areas under the pavement.

  • Tiny Ants in the Bathroom

Tiny ants in the Bathroom are common in many households. They are harmless and appear and disappear suddenly in your Bathroom. Due to their size, many also regard these ants as ghost ants. The Bathroom acts as a source of food for these creatures.

  • Large Ants in the Bathroom

Image of Ants in the Bathroom
Large ants in the Bathroom

The most common large ants in the Bathroom are Argentine ants. They find damp areas to make a shelter. These large ants are always searching for sugar-based food.

  • Moisture Ants

As the name suggests, moisture ants love moisture. They set up their nesting areas in places with high humidity. Thus, they are common bathroom pests that invade houses. The presence of moisture ants also indicates that there might be leak issues in the drainage.

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Bathroom?

The first step to getting rid of the ants from any bathroom is to find the cause of the infestation. There will also be visible trails that the ants use to move around and enter the Bathroom. Furthermore, it is also crucial to find the attraction of the ants and remove it.

Below are some ideas to get rid of ants in the Bathroom:

  • Keeping the Bathroom Clean and Dry

Image of Bathroom cleaning
Bathroom cleaning to avoid ants

Cleaning and drying the Bathroom will remove any puddles and dirt. It is important to cover up the holes and unclog the drain. Ground and wall surfaces should be dried with a mop. It is also recommended to keep the windows and ventilations open.

  • Sealing the Entrance Point

Ants have an entrance point which they use to invade the Bathroom. It isn’t so difficult to track down these routes and seal them forever. Scanning and filling holes in walls and tiles can be helpful.

  • Dehumidification

One another idea is to make the place less likable to the ants. Since they love humid spaces, opening the windows and using a quality ventilation system to dehumidify the place is a good idea.

  • Throw Away Stagnant Water

Areas around stagnant water are favorable for the nesting of ants. Getting rid of stagnant water helps accelerate the process.

  • Check the Drainage

Image of Drainage checking
Drainage checking

Clogged drains are a good source of food for ants. It is important to unclog and clean the drainage system.

  • Using White Vinegar Water Solution

Image of Vinegar and Water Solution to kill ants
Vinegar and Water Solution to kill ants

White Vinegar is toxic to ants. Thus, using the solution to wipe off the Bathroom can act as a repellant for ants.

  • Cucumber Peels

Ants absolutely hate cucumber. If the cucumber is out of stock, citrus peels also serve a similar purpose. Make sure to place some peels in the entrance point, and the ants will not cross the boundary.

  • Using Insecticides

Image of Pest Control in the bathroom
Pest Control in the Bathroom

Using insecticides is an extreme option to get rid of the ants in the Bathroom permanently. Even though these chemicals are toxic, they are also extremely effective. Using insecticides is only necessary in full-infestation cases where simple measures are useless.

Professional Help

Image of a Professional Exterminator doing pest control
Professional Exterminator doing pest control

If the infestation is out of control, the best and the most reliable option is to call a professional exterminator.


Despite the fact that ants are mostly harmless, they still create a lot of nuisances for the house owner. Walking into the Bathroom where ants are marching in a line is never comfortable. They also pose many other threats like spreading odor and bacteria.

Ant infestations are best dealt with early and in a systematic way. This article explored the necessary steps to get rid of ants in the Bathroom.

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