Erin Napier is Not Just a Home Designer: She is a Talented Singer.

Erin Napier is an American home designer, HGTV personality, and entrepreneur. She and her husband are renowned for their ability to restore old houses that are on the verge of collapse.

For several years now, Erin and her husband Ben have hosted Hometown, a show centred on their DIY exploits. In the process, they have helped put their town, Laurel, on the map.

In addition to designing, Erin is also quite adept when it comes to writing. Most people, however, won’t be aware that Erin Napier also has a great voice!

The start of her music career

Erin was only fourteen years old when she made the brave decision to play in front of a live crowd. In an interview, she talked about how she’d regularly take her guitar to the local coffee shops to perform for tips.

This proved to be a reliable source of income right up until she left school. By then, her interest in performing had significantly waned, particularly as she was more inclined towards the arts.

Erin revealed that she had completely lost her passion for music, something which her husband did not take lying down once they met. As such, he’d frequently ask Erin to sing him a song every so often.

Erin shares clips of her music on Instagram

Back in 2016, Erin Napier shocked fans when she uploaded short clips of herself singing. At the time, most HGTV fans had no clue that she could even sing, to begin with! Erin’s rendition of You Are My Sunshine was praised by fans and critics alike.

Her performance was even more remarkable once she revealed that it was the first time she had picked up a guitar in a year.

Encouraged by the positive reception from her video, Erin decided to upload a few more posts. In 2020, after another hiatus from music, Napier decided to release a cover of ‘Something to Love’ by the 400 unit.

Though she was rusty, Erin said that she did not hesitate to record the song as it was her daughter’s favorite track. Though she did not get all of her chords right, Erin added that the experience was still quite enjoyable.

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