Ben Napier Quiz: How well do you know your favorite HGTV star?

Ben Napier is a well-known personality in the world of home renovation and design, primarily recognized for his role as a co-host on the popular HGTV series “Home Town.” Born on September 24, 1983, in Laurel, Mississippi, Ben is deeply rooted in his hometown, and this connection serves as a central theme in the show.

Ben Napier, along with his wife Erin Napier, forms a dynamic duo on “Home Town.” The couple, known for their shared passion for restoration and community development, works together to breathe new life into old homes. Ben’s expertise lies in woodworking and craftsmanship, skills he employs to create custom pieces and unique designs for the homes featured on the show.

Beyond his television career, Ben is often celebrated for his commitment to revitalizing and preserving the historic charm of Laurel. His dedication to community development has not only transformed individual homes but has also contributed to the overall revitalization of the town. Ben and Erin’s efforts have resonated with audiences, making them beloved figures in the world of home improvement television.

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